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Trouble at work

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Right this might seem a little confusing at first but please bear with me.....

I work at a small video shop with about 5 other people, all doing different shifts. I have fallen out with one of my work mates over a few things.

1) She constantly pre-books loads of videos (which I have no problem with) but always takes them back late, which can result in me getting yelled at for customers because they have booked the tapes that she should have returned. This results in her owing loads in overdue tapes, and no-one including the staff, is allowed tapes out with any overdues still owed.

2) She is apparently angry because, by chance, her mate was in and overheard a conversation with another member of staff and myself. Her mate got the wrong end of the stick, and told her what he thought I said, and now she is now very pissed off at me (for nothing).

3) She is angry because I apparently kep asking her "do u want me to work for you if you feel ill" (becoz she's pregnant and takes a LOT of time off). I dont ask her a lot, and when I do its out of the goodness of my own heart. Plus I have covered her shifts for her a lot lately, often at a great inconvenience. They are both fed up of me asking apparently, but they dont even sit me down and say everythings fine, but we appreciate the thought. Her b/f is apparently ready to hit me.

4) Her b/f has also said to people behind my back (including my g/f who works with us) that if she loses the baby then I'm dead. This has really hurt me and scared me, because I havent had as much as an argument with them. They are all saying this behind my back, and I'm hearing it from other people. If she loses her baby, god forbid, then maybe it would have to do with the fact that she smokes like a chimeny, so I am so scared that I'm gonna get my legs broken.

I dont know whether to have a confronation (maybe not b coz she's pregnant), or just go to the boss (even though she doesnt like me that much).

One thing I do know, is that I am NOT being intidated out of my job.

Any ideas peeple ??


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    God thats a difficult one aint it?

    Sounds like this woman is a bit of an over reacter - maybe due to the fact she has a lot on her plate at the mo, but still...

    The boyf is a twat, he cant blame you for making her lose the baby, if its going to happen (unfortunately) fate will be the only thing controlling that.

    Id have a little word with your boss if i was you, dont make a HUGE deal out of it, just voice your worries, expain that your only trying to help her out by offering, and was by no means trying to cause trouble. Im sure he/she will see your point! Youll be fine.

    DONT let her push you out, its not worth it. And dont be scared. Youv done nothing wrong.

    Good Luck

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    firstly, the gal is preggers...hormones flying all over the place etc, she'll over react at anything (videos) even when it's clearly her fault

    secondly, her b/f is a twat. dunno if they wanted to get pregnant in the first place but he shouldn't be thinking about a loss of the baby let alone thinking about who to put the blame on to. so the guy is a fuckwitt, feel free to point that out to him at anytime <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

    next, most importantly, how you deal with this shit. write this girl a letter, talking to her will mean a lovely and over reaction through argument, you know the deal. just be calm, hand her a letter telling how you feel, whats gone on through your eyes and how you think it should be handled, what you would like to ask of her and how you honestly aren't being a twat about it.

    hopefully she'll take it home, have some quiet time and a read and then if there are still problems, be decent enough to discuss and not whinge about them to you.

    <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; hope it helps

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    Oh god, don't mention fall outs at work lol.

    I used to work in a small florists in town, until a week last saturday that is. There was only 3 other people who I worked with but cos I only worked saturdays while I was at school I'd probably only work with one person each week. I started working there in Feb and the boss had said there would be plenty of work for me in the summer so I could work all week and get some extra money for my holiday. But around about May time I'd go into work on the saturday and the boss would say that he only needed me in for 2 hours - hardly seemed worth going into work, and I was his skivvy. I had to get his shopping for him etc which I wasn't meant to be part of my job. Then after a few weeks of this he said he didn't need me in the next week cos there wasn't gonna be enuf work for me to do. He said he'd call me to let me know about the next week and did he? No, I had to call him and once again he didn't need me in for a few weeks this time. By now I was getting really annoyed being messed around like this cos I couldn't plan anything from one week to the next. So a week last saturday me and a friend were in town and we happened to walk past the shop, and as we did another girl came out, I knew she was working there cos she was the girl who was working there for work experience a month back. Before I saw her my mum had been in town doing some shopping when she saw this girl come outside and arrange the flowers. My mum stopped and asked her if she was working as a saturday gril in the shop and the girl said yes. My mum went home and called my boss to find out what was going on. He told her that this girl was doing work experience, damn lie cos that started on 4th June for two weeks so she shouldnt have been working there in July. He also said that he'd told me he wouldn't need me in until after the summer - he did no such thing. He even had the cheek to say "I'll call her when I need her." When I got home mum told me everything so I went back up town and handed the shirt I had to wear back in, the boss was no where to be seen.

    So that was my bad experience lol, sorry for rattling on but I really needed to get that off my chest.

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    What aload of crap her boyfriend is speeling out, stress has nothing to do with losing a baby. I mean how old are these people? You should def tell your boss whats going on with the tapes and just ignore everything else, someone is obviously stirring.
    hope everything works out. let me know.
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    Nice guys finish last.....worry about your own job!
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    LOL it gets better.......

    That shite all got sorted out, but the shop got sold to the manager of the shop, who sneaked around and lied to me, saying oh i cant get money to buy the place etc etc. (ok i appreciate it had to be kept secret to an extent, but he made me beleive i would still have a job).

    Anyway I got the boot. Why ? God knows. For a start I need all the money I can get (goin to uni this year). But he sacked me two weeks ago "because I would be leaving soon enough anyway". THATS WHY I NEED THE MONEY !!

    Two, he then said that I would be 18 soon, which meant I would be paid more. Ummmm I'm not 18 till october by which time I would have been long gone.

    Personally, I think that it was because my g/f works there and he doesnt like us being together. and also the fact that he is a self confessed dirty 48 year old man, he almost got sacked for having hard core lesbian porn under the counter a while back. s'pose he just hated having another male around cramping his "style" with the girls.

    But hey, i got 300 bob for my exam results so who gives a f*ck about his stoopid video shop anyway.......
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