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To do after uni...?

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Just wondered what u ppl think...?

I am just startin my final yr at uni doing a business degree and I have not much of a clue what I want to do. A lot of my friends seem to have sort of plan but I have none. I do have some ideas although I am not sure wether I should pursue them...?

1. Go to Canada/USA for the summer and then back home to crack on with a masters. I have thought about this quite a lot. This was my preferred option although masters is expensive and it is debateble if it would enchance my career prospects. If I just do summer internship with no masters I miss the "milkround" and might spend the rest of the year sitting on my ass.

2.Go travelling or working abroad for a year. Although I am not sure I have the funding/ the enthusiasm to go for this long.

3. Get a real job like the parents keep telling me to get, "a proper graduate job with good prospects" even though I feel if I do this I am missing a great opportunity even though this option makes financial sense...?

4. Start my own business although I have no idea what in, but its always been something I want to do.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...any suggestions...? :chin:


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    You should go travelling, and spend a year resting, recuperating and seeing the world. YOu are only young once, and once you are on the treadmill it is almost impossible to get off.

    What's the rush to get on the treadmill? You've got your whole life to do that, enjoy yourself for a bit too. You might find what you want to do more.

    I've pissed about for eighteen months since leaving uni, and I've now realised what I want to do a bit more.
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