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was he on the rebound

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:wave: Hi all, im a new user and could do with a big of advice, i recenlty split up with my boyfriend (who i work with), anyway we both go together after both of us split with pervious partners and were together for a year. He told me he loved me after 4 weeks and that i was he soul mate and i feel the same about him, i always had a thing for him but never let it show and he had a thing for me, any way the thing is that im still madly in love with him but he has decided that he has too much crap to sort out from his past relationsip (evey couple of weeks he would go very quiet and just want to be on his own and i would be left sitting in waiting to see what he wanted if anything to do )and he didnt want to drag me into it so he dumped me (his last relationshp was 8 years and it was very rocky).
its very hard working together as he is very nice to me in work but doesnt want to know me outside work. was he on the rebound?as soon as his ex was back on the scene (to sort all the legal and financial stuff out about there split, they werent married but had property together) we split up, she was very abusive to him when they were together and i knew this and did all i could to support him and took a step back when he needed some space, even took him away on holidays, bought him presents sent him romantic poems in the post just trying to make him feel special again as she really ran him down. He said it wasnt fair on me to be dragged into it al, but that he loved me and that we are great togher and i make him happy and that maybe for the furture 6-12 months down the line we could have something great but when i contacted him a week later to ask him if we could try again as i really loved him he then said that he doesnt think we have a future as we want different things in life. im confused and upset dont no what to think? anyone got any views on this? as im finding it really hard to understand what happened. how should i react in work with him?
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