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Ski job interview-in serious need of help!

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Hey guys, I have an interview next Thursday which is really make or break for me being able to do a ski season in the Alps. I have to make a cake to take in which is no problem but I also need to give a one minute presentation to the whole group on why I want to be a chalet assistant. Now, I guess it would be easy enough to stand up there and say "hi im sarah and i want to be a chalet assistant because i enjoy working with people and i am hard working blah blah" but that's so boring! I was up all last night trying to think of some sort of analogy I could use, or a metaphor, or just anything that would spice it up and make it that bit different. I am allowed visual aids which could be useful but I am totally screwed for ideas.

Basically, if anyone's done anything like this before, or has any smart/witty speech plans that could help me out then I would be forever grateful!

Please get back to me! xxx
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