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Prozac & drugs.

I'm on 30mg of Prozac a day and a friend told me today that it's not a good idea to take dope, poppers or anything with prozac...is this true?
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    hi. not quite sure. whilst people will recommend that i don't drink, smoke dope, or take any other drugs whilst on prozac, it has never stopped me. i think it affects your neurones or something (havnt really got a clue), and might reduce the effect of the prozac. but i'm not entirely sure. so for now i'll just say "be careful"
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    well Im not sure i completely know the answer but Ive had 3 friends who have been are on prozac and they all smoked dope while they were on it. Didnt seem to be doing them any harm.

    But while Im on the subject if youve just been perscribed prozac try only to stay on it while things in your life are at their worst and not more than a few weeks. It is an absolute Bitch to get off. My friend jo was on one pill (not sure the dosage) a day for three weeks managed to get off it but was shaking and depressed for a few days after though she is one of the most emotionaly strong people i know and whould hate people to think she was dependant on a drug.
    Another is on two a day and finds it difficult to get through the day, even look up and make eye contact when she tries to skip a dose even thoguh their is nothing wrong with her life anymore. Last person I know takes 4 pills a day... Its a really sad case shes covered in scars from self mutilation etc... and uses threats of suicide to make her friends stay with her out of guilt. To be fair she has got some really real problems thougth. The sad thing is she is really very attractive, but shes in such a mess she cant find a boyfriend and so she becomes more depressed etc...

    Anyways of all the drugs Ive seen my friends take prozac scared me the most. If your being persribed prozac you alreayd in a bit of trouble but please be careful with it. And talk to your friends (and us of coarce <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt; ) about it.


    P.S. sorry for the lecture.

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    Ok...what prozac does it to raise your natural high (seratonin levels) and over time build up a greater store so u stay happier if that makes sense.

    Pills etc breaks into your brains happiness fuction (or something) making u feel amazing but also lowers your seratonin level. Mid-week blues are felt by ppl as the seratonin levels are low and their not getting the high of the weekend etc.

    Hope that helped a bit, the bottom line is if ur on prozac/depressed dont do ecstasy coz u will get more unhappy.
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    OK You have been prescribed Prozac to help with depression I assume?
    If you really do care enough about your state of mind enough to take Prozac you owe it to yourself to stop taking any other kind of depressant - that includes alcohol, drugs etc
    If you want to get well then be sensible!
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    byny has a point. In my psychology classes I learned that depression has more to do with body chemistry than anything else (so anyone suffering shouldn't feel bad, or feel that it's their fault for not coping). Messing around further with chemicals, esp in the brain has got to be a bad idea.

    I also agree that depression drugs are waaaay too dependency forming. I refuse medication when I was diagnosed clinically depressed. It was hard, but I got through it. I don't think the ppl who are suffering that have talked about it on this site are the same as me, though. My case was mild compared to some of their shit. So, do what u need to do to get through it. Drugs can really help, cos of the chemistry thing, but I would advise giving them a proper chance to work their magic.

    But then, what do I know? Just my thoughts on the matter. cya.
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