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If you were able to legalise drugs, which ones would it be?

I reckon Cannabis, ecstasy and prepared shrooms should be legalised.

Cannabis 'cause almost every1 does it anyway and how can they ban it when your still alowed to smoke fags.

Shrooms like cannabis is natural. How can the government make illegal somthing that grows in you garden. I reckon there should be laws similar to the laws about alcohol (drunk and dissorderly, drink driving) that could try and prevent heavy missuse of these drugs if they were ever legalised.

Ecstasy a bit differnt 'cause it's synthetic.
If XTC was legalised then big chemical companys could produce them and people would be sure they contained no crap. Ovarall I think it's safe to admit that ecstasy causes less deaths each year than alchohol, and that goes for all the other drugs mentioned above.

The only worry I'd have is that the government would probably put tax on 'em. Knowing the British government the prices would be higher than the average street price.
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