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drugs and friends

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just resently i got home from a sailing trip and i was away from my best friends for a week. When i got home i was excited about seeing her. The day i got home i went over to her house and she told me about the week and what i had missed. She told me that her and a few friends had been planning on doing mush that week. First i was really surprised and then a little angry. See my best friend just left from a school that had a lot of drugs and very mean people. And when she came to the school i welcomed her in. I don't do drugs that much and it got me mad that she said that she would stop. And when i'm gone she was planning on doing something she said she wanted to quit. i was wondering if someone could help me on how to tell her i don't want her to do those kinds of drugs. And how do i say it her with out her getting mad?

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    "i worry about u a lot sometime, and i don't like the idea of u doing drugs. if u have to do them, please be smart about" or summin along those line.

    welcome to thesite, btw.

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    well, all u are doing is being concerned about her, she is your friend and you care about her. if she gets mad about that, i don't know would she be worth the bother.

    try telling her how serious drugs are and that she ought to think more carefully about it.
    at the end of the day, it's her life and she has the right to do whatever she wants with it. all u can really do is warn her and make sure she knows what she's doing. let her realise the kina dangers and "trips" she would have to go through. that's all u can really do. u can't stop her...the more u try, i guess the more she will wanna go ahead with it. some people can be like that.

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