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NEW: How drug tests work

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Here's a new article about how drug tests work, and what they can pick up in the samples:
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    Ahhh, The oh-so-familar drug tests... its the army urine varitey that bring back all the memories for me, all of us in lines.. piss in a bottle and off to the chemists for a quick substance check...

    If your a cyber-kid hardcore clubber and the army get wind of it (namingly photo's of your missions on your wall) you and the army quickly fall out of being 'mates' anymore...

    In 1999 when I joined I was tested 4 times in the year, which is a considerable amount as the maximum is usually 2 times. The year 2000 was my year of woe, they used to get me most weekends for samples and did me officially 16 times in the course of 9 months.. but lets be serious here, if a person likes to multi-colour their hair, spray themselfs silver, wear spikey tops and go on mad 2 day missions up north to Gatecrasher or to London at raves is that really any concern of the armies?

    Anyway, I got to learn the system quite well and what lasts in urine at what lengths..

    Also, Ketamine isn't detected for in primary drugs tests along with GHB and 2CB, most herbal substances (herbal ecstasy incl.) last approx the sametime as normal substances...

    Interestingly enough poppy seeds (like those found on some bread products) have been known to show up on drugs tests... its a very slipperly scale...

    Its possible to buy screen-clearers which is like a drink based substance that if drunk 2hrs before the test can mask substances detected on drugs tests... other common tatics include drinking large quantities of water over a 2-3hr period to dilute the urine to almost water level making it more difficult to detect...

    I did over 18 months in the army and was drugs tested over 21 times, although I stayed clean in the first year, towards the end (last 8 months or so) I became a heavy ecstasy and speed user, not recommended while in the army... just a warning...

    They know what is what, but they don't know what is what....

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