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Tories instant fine drugs policy

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Surprised this hasn't come up on these boards, perhaps beacause it's such a ludicrus idea that no one feels the need to comment on it.

Does raise again though the question of decrimilisation, which is usually discussed purely on a yes/no basis.

But what about the actual day to day working of decrimilisation? How much would the government tax it? Would there be an age limit on it? Any thoughts?


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    Yeah good topic.

    Instant fines? well dont see how they'd manage to pull it off n e way walk u to a cash machine or summing?? think it's enuff of a fine to have ur drugs taken off u n e way.

    As for decriminlisation some should be decriminilised others shouldn't if u decriminilise Cannabis think about the amount of resources they'd free up for cracking down on shit like Heroin. The amount of taxes they'd earn on selling cannabis would be massive. If they kept the price of it as it is on average say £10 an eigth solid or £20 eigth skunk they'd be earning enuff to make the NHS work properly. They'd probably earn more off cannabis sales every year than they do off ciggarettes(who was the idiots who named ciggarettes ciggarettes n e way.... couldn't he have thought of a smaller word?).
    Age limit.... can't c y it would b n e different than alcohol 18

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    I agree, If canabis was legal my husband would then feel more inclined to use it as a muscle relaxant for his chronic back pain.

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could get it on prescription!!

    That way people like him would be pumping fewer chemically derived prescrition drugs into their bodies too.

    and now for a little bit of history -
    apparently it was banned in 1928 when, at an international opium conference, the South African and Egyptian delegates convinced the other country delegates that cannabis drove people mad.
    "Hashish absorbed in large quantities produces a furious delirium and... predisposes to acts of violence and produces a characteristic strident laugh... (With habitual use) the countenance of the addict becomes gloomy, his eye is wild, and the expression of his face is stupid... his intellectual faculties gradually weaken and the whole organism decays. The addict very frequently becomes neurasthenic and eventually insane." - Dr El Guindy, Egyptian delegate, Second International Opium Conference, 1924.

    So, there you have it, now we know it doesn't drive you mad, can't "they" let us have it?


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    The Tories are a sad bunch of foges. Most of them have smoked weed in the past, so what's the problem?
    I think that Anne whatsername should spend her time on getting a decent haircut, rather than making this country the laughing stock of Europe-again!

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