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i feel silly

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:blush::blush: I can't believe I've been here for about a month or more without introducing myself. Sorry for the lack of manners. :o

Anyways, my name's CrazyKitten, call me CK if you like. I'm 18, in a 2 1/2 year relationship ( :love: ). I'm a high school drop out with a G.E.D (general education diploma), so I'm now trying to get into college this fall, more specifically to train as a pharmacy technician.

I also suffer from bipolar type II disorder so if I seem a bit whacky at times, that's probably why. I've had a history of bulimia, anorexia (at different ages),and using inhalents. Just house hold products for cheep highs (mostly nail polish remover and the actual nail polish its self) never touched pot, cocaine, heroin, ect. Had a near bout of alcoholism, my parents recognized the signs and managed to keep me dry for a while, and modify my drinking, so now I only drink at special occasions (x-mas, new years, weddings) and then I limit myself to one or two single shot drinks.

I'm a Canadian, born and raised, so if I don't understand some british slang, I'm not trying to be a problem, I honestly don't know. :blush: Anyways, that's most of me right there. And no, I don't consider myself to be a charity case, but I'd rather get it all out into the open in one go rather than drag it out. Anyways, I just hope to be able to meet a few people here just to chat with now and then, nothing else. Just friends.



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