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The law breaking aspects to drug taking

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Hello everyone,
I apologise for keep asking questions it has been very useful so far for my uni work. If you would rather chat, just ignore my messages.

Those that don't mind answering them, I have another set:
-Most drugs people take on this discussion forum are illegal. If they were not illegal would you still take them?
-Do you think the illegal aspect of drug taking forms the only real reason for some people taking drugs? i.e. rebellousness against society, etc.
-Is there an added buzz to the drugs being illegal?
-Am I missing the point altogether? Have laws got nothing to do with it?
-Do you think certain drugs should be made legal?
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    difficult one this.
    I don't really worry about drugs being illegal n usually it doesn't affect n e thing. The only time it does give u a slight buzz is when ur carrying a lot around with u, the image that goes with drugs is definately cos they're illegal but if drugs wern't illegal I'd still take them though if every1 took them it might be different cos it's more fun being around people that rn't on n e thing cos u just think how weird u must look to them.
    Definately some people take them to rebel against parents n stuff, I'm open with my mom n dad about them, they don't approve but they know mostly what I do.
    Laws have a lot to do with it but more in the aspect of not being able to do them openly n easily.
    Certain drugs should be made legal, Canabis, although I'm not a massive fan of it should be and maybe ecstasy should be, the rest should definately be illegal cos some people should not do them.
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