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My CV-Criticise

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Can someone criticise my CV please, how could I make it better? Sorry about the education section it went a bit crazy when I copied and pasted it.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:

• Name xxxxxxx

• Address xxxxxxx

• Telephone Home – xxxxxx
Mobile – xxxx

• Date
of 31/03/1985

Personal Profile:

• Organised
• Passionate about design
• Good communication skills
• Highly Creative
• Keen to learn

The five characteristics listed above represent who I am, and how I am a valid candidate for the role of sales assistant at your store.
I am currently studying to gain my Bsc in Architecture at University College London. Being a highly ambitious course, the majority of my time is devoted to my course and thus the design world; linking me to architecture, product design, fashion design and graphic design. These design fields embody what I am passionate about and what I endeavour to achieve in the future.
Being a highly creative individual, I like to be surrounded by ingenuity; thus, working in a creative environment such as your store is where I function best, and is where you will see a high level of both organisational and communication skills.
As an individual, I am highly motivated and very goal focused. A good example to illustrate this would be when I joined a brief management course within my sixth form college to gain greater communication and organisational skills. As part of this course I had to teach a group of twelve year olds Physical Education. These sessions not only dramatically increased my communication and organisational skills, but also increased my ability to manage a small group of people.
As an individual, I am extremely determined to fulfil a specific goal; in particular, I endeavour to provide the highest level of service to the consumer. I aim to use my communication skills and creative skills to fulfil any requirements which the consumer may have by communicating with the consumer and analysing their behaviour to ensure their needs are more than satisfied.

Educational Background:

1996 – 2001 QueensMead Secondary School:

GCSE grades:

Science A, A
Design and Technology B
Business Studies B
English Literature B
English Language B
Mathematics B
Religious Education B
Information Technology B
French C

2001 – 2002 QueensMead Sixth Form College:

AS Levels:

Mathematics C
Design and Technology: Product Design B
Business and Economics B
General Studies B

2002 – 2004 Haydon School Sixth Form College:

A – Levels:

Psychology B
Economics B
Design and Technology: Product Design B

2004 University College London:

I am currently studying to gain my Bsc in Architecture.

Employment History:

July 2000 – July 2000 Clerical Assistant for Harrow and Hillingdon Healthcare NHS Trust.


Debbie Harris (Human Resources Administrator)

Telephone – xxxxxxxxxxx

June 2004 – September 2004 Sales Assistant at Topman in Harrow.

Hobbies and Interests:

Apart from my passion for design, I am a keen tennis player and frequently play at Eastcote Tennis Club during the summer.
I also enjoy painting, using this medium on a more personal level.
To fill my insatiable appetite for design I like to enter design competitions.
I have entered competitions related to architecture which have been endorsed by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and also competitions related to fashion design such as 2004’s “Design a T-shirt” competition endorsed by Topman.


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    Seems fine to me, I can't suggest any real improvements to that...
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    personally i'd totally re-order it. put your work experience a load higher up, and focus on that. without meaning to sound harsh, employers aren't too bothered how fab you think you are, they want to know what you've done in the past and how well.

    i'd put what job you did, what kind of roles and responsibilities you had at work, what skills you learned or developed, if you were given any extra responsilbilities (proof of you being fab).

    I'd also compress the education section. they're not really bothered on your exact GCSE grades. i usually put something like: 9 GCSEs at grades A*-B, including Maths (put the grade in brackets if it's impressive) and English (same).

    so the order would be: personal and contact info, work experience, education, personal qualities, references.
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    you weren't at topman long, is it an idea to state why you left? or is this a really bad idea?
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    Personally, I would put the education and work in most recent first order. Also, with your AS and A-level grades, you seem to have listen Design and Technology: Product Design and your Economics in both the AS and A-level grades. You don't get both, once you get the A-level you don't have the AS any more as it forms part of the A-level.

    I would also re-order, like kaffrin said. Also, you put July 200-July 2000. Personally, I would just have put July 2000.
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    thanks for the tips.
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