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Friend/her boyfriend issues.....

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Right, I'll try and explain as best I can.....basically, one of my best friends split up with his girlfriend of 2 years about a month or two ago. He's always been really close to another of my best friends, who's one of my housemates. Anyway, I've thought something might be going on between them ever since he split up with his girlfriend, but my housemate has denied it, and since we're really close, and supposedly totally honest with each other, I believed her. Also, the bloke spoke to me a week or two ago, and said that he really likes my housemate, but knows it would be difficult cos of his ex and stuff (we are all good friends with her too, although I'm a lot closer to him and my housemate), and he said he just wanted to be honest, didnt want to lie to me, and wanted to know what I would think if anything happened, but promised nothing had, it would be too weird etc etc. And I said I thought it would be fine, not just fine but a good thing, and I'd be really happy about it.

Anyway, basically, I know now that something is going on, no question about it. Overheard something I shouldn't have, and they are definitely together, and have been for a while. And I'll be honest, I'm fuming. Not because they've got together, cos I hoped they would at some point. But the fact that they've both made this big deal out of being honest to me, and then I find out they've been lying right to my face. And my housemate and the bloke have both said they know they can completely trust me, and they wouldn't lie to me......so yeah, I'm mightily pissed off. And just don't know what to do. I thought I could trust these two more than any of my friends, I felt so close to them, and now....I just feel like a right fool. I know it shouldn't bother me, but it really does. I want to say something to them, but I shouldn't know about them.....but at the same time, it's been blatantly obvious anyway when I think about it, so I wouldn't have to say I heard anything or whatever. But I'm just so angry, and upset.....oh I don't know.

Any ideas as to what I should do? I'm just so confused and pissed off :(


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    We don't share everything with our friends.

    Maybe they wanted to see how things were going before making the big announcement.
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    Doesn't matter anyway now, just spoken to her about it, and she's already told one of her friends from home, and was going to tell me soon apparently. Just feel like a mug, I know the kind of friendship we have, and what we've shared in the past, and I just thought we were closer than that.
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    Hi There,
    I think you should try to take this a little less personally. I'm sure they both think of you as a very good friend, but knew it was a sensitive issue and were probably trying to pluck up the courage to say something. Sometimes these thins happen and it can be difficult for the people involved to know how best to handle a situation - nobody's perfect! ;)
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