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Contemporary novel(s) set in West England

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I'm working on a series of contemporary novels set in the Cornwall/Devon area and beginning between the years 1986 and 1989. The first story in the series follows the life of a man called Ryan starting from age twelve and progressing through age twenty. Because I'm not, nor have I ever know anyone who was, a twelve-year-old schoolboy in this region or time-frame, it makes writing such a story a bit tricky. I need to know that the terms, the dialogue, and the attitudes expressed in my novels are realistic, and therefore research is required. I will be compiling a simple questionnaire that should give me sufficient information but wouldn't mind chatting with chaps who had been, within this time-frame, twelve-year-old schoolboys in the Cornwall\Devon area.

Thanks very much to any able to help.



Contact email: [email protected]
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