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Changing Unis

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Im currently coming to the end of my first year of Uni but I've realised the course im doing and the place I'm at really isnt right for me.

Is there any way I would be able to change Unis and go to a different one in September to start a new course? Or is it too late and I'll have to wait to apply for Sptember 06? I wouldn't be able to apply through UCAS again now for 05 would I as I'm assuming it's too late?

I've emailed the Uni I want to go to and asked but have had no reply yet. I was just wondering if anyone had done this?
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    wait for the reply from the university you want to go to.
    yes it is possible to change from september 2005. although it might have financial implications to your student loan, if you have one; and tuition fee entitlement.
    you should try to make an appointment with your current university's careers office - as they should be able to guide you through the process.

    i got this off the prospects website about how to handle changing your course / transfering university:
    * Identify what you want to do, and where you would like to do it.
    * Check on the availability of places.
    * Make an informal approach to the course admissions tutor to discuss the possibility of acceptance.
    * Marshall your thoughts and arguments beforehand so you sound coherent and clear about your reasons for change.
    * Be prepared to be persistent as tutors can be difficult to track down. You may need to write, phone, make an appointment, or e-mail before you manage to make contact.
    * Allow time to go through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system if you are applying to a different institution. Particularly if you are applying after the closing date, contact the admissions tutor for the proposed course to see if your application would be considered before submitting your form.
    * It is essential that you notify your grant awarding authority of your changed plans. Seek current advice on fee regulations. Notify the Student Loans Company if appropriate.
    * It should be possible to get credit for any work you have successfully completed and carry this forward to another course. Make sure you get a transcript of your academic credit before you leave.
    * If you decide very early on in the course (during the first few weeks) you might be able to transfer straight to another course provided there are places remaining and the tutor is prepared to accept you, but beware of making a decision to leave without giving your course a chance.

    hope that helps a bit.
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    Thanks a lot for that it's really helpful :)

    I only emailed the new place I want to go to earlier on today, I'll give them a ring in the middle of next week if I don't hear back before.

    I was going to go and talk to my current tutor at some point about this, but I'll go and see the careers office too.

    I don't have a loan so that bit's OK.. Will need to check about tuition fees though.

    As far as I can see I have the required grades from my A-Levels for the new course I want to do. But I guess it will depend on how many places there are (which I can't seem to find out) and how many people have already been offered a place.. And also if they think my reasons etc for wanting to do this course are good enough too I guess!

    I don't suppose you have any idea about accomodation do you? Say if I was offered a place on the course, would I be counted as a Fresher again and therefore offered a place in halls if there was space or because I'll have done a year at my present Uni would I not be seen as a Fresher?
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    obviously it does depend on the university. but given the time of year you are applying, it's likely that you will not be a high priority for accomodation. what you should do is ask the accomodation office of the university you want to go to about it, and also ask them for details of student-tenant accomodation in the local area which you could rent if you cannot get into halls.
    also, i'd advise you to think about what it is about your current university that you don't like... is it possible it could be a problem at your new university? or is it just your course you don't like atm?
    and if you haven't checked out the university in person by going to an open day or something similar, i'd advise you to see if you can get down there and take a look around before you apply.
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    thanks. its mainly the course but a few other things too to do with the people and the place. so i dont think its a problem that would continue to a new Uni. although i am going to think about that.. and im going to look at the Uni i want to go too because some of the comments ive read about it havent been too postive so i think it would be a good idea to see what i think.

    i heard back from the Uni i want to go to and they said its not too late to apply and i can do so through UCAS as theyre still handling fresh applications.

    however, ive been on the UCAS website and looked at applying but the thing is, am i applying as an 'individual'? the other option is applying through a school/college so im assuming as im at Uni and not a school or college i am applying as an individual?

    and also, who would be best to do my reference? one of my tutors at Uni now or someone from my old school?
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    Kat_B wrote:
    and also, who would be best to do my reference?
    it would be expected to be one of your tutors atm. - not from your old school.

    you need to talk to your careers service as to whether you would be applying as "an individual or through school / college" - i'm not sure on that one tbh. and they will have the answer or you.

    it is important that you do give careful consideration as to why you want to leave your course and university because you're going to have to explain it at some point in your application, and post uni when you'll be applying for jobs.

    and good luck with it. i hope your new university will be better for you. :thumb:
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    thank you for all your help :) i'll go and talk to the careers service at some point this week then and hopefully get things moving.
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    If you are still interested in the subject area, but don't like a particular course, it might be worth looking at 'entry with credit'. If you have already scored module awards for any modules you have taken this year (assuming you are on a modular system) then it may be possible for another uni to takes these into consideration, meaning you could do a similar course at another uni, but start in the second year, with your mark carried forward.

    This way, you wouldn't have lost a year.

    Hope this helps,

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