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My relationship with...

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I'm giving up smoking!!! yay!
No, not yay, it's shit. I'm getting fucked off with people at the slightest thing, and i'm ready to enforce my "lifeguard of the gene pool" role, and start wiping out morons.

I've been wanting to give up for years.

I Started smoking at 12 (first moronic act)
I was on 20 a day at 14 (second moronic act)
I was on 40 a day at 17 (oh fuck...)

It costs me £260 a month to smoke. Thats just under a quarter of my after tax wage. Hmmm....

So, last thursday, running out of money and options, I found a nicotine patch in my room, and slapped it on.

It was my dad's birthday, and so I arranged to meet him in the pub, and swung a free bottle of bubbly for him (my thanks to Kate) which we drunk, and then we toddled off to the club where I work. No queues, free entry, and plenty of alcohol later, we were having a swinging time.

In fact, I was so busy remembering what my name was, and what planet I was from (it really was a heavy night), that I completely forgot to smoke. Great!

Friday morning, I was so drunk still I really didn't want to smoke. this progressed into friday lunchtime at the pub, where I was nursing a hangover into a pint of coke.

The weekend came, and went, and I'm left trying to get out of the little habits - going out for a cigarette at work, having one with a cup of tea, and lots of other little things that you don't normally notice.

That one patch was all I had. No more. (You think I'M paying £17.99 for 7 patches? My arse!!) I got given it ages ago by a friend.
I do want to kill people, but today is my seventh day of giving up. I had a few puffs of a cigarette yesterday, and I really didn't like it. Won't be doing that again.

So, I confess, I'm going to be £260 richer this month, and I'm loving it!!
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