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Oh, what to do?

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Right, well I'm near leaving year 11, and I did have a 6th form picked out for next year, but I have heard, that even though it's brilliantt for a public school its overrun (worse than my current school) with townies/charvas and I hate those people, they make my life hell. I refuse to stay on as I've been trying to leave since year 7, and I'm not over-enthralled with the idea of college. Besides, I've only got 2 weeks before study leave. I could always do an apprenticeship, cause I've been thinking about that a canny bit, but I don't know 'cause I really have my heart set on becoming a Psychologist, but I can't think of what to do. Help!
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    Personally, if I wanted to do something as professional as Psychology, I'd swallow my pride and go to the 6th form I planned on going to.

    Okay, so there's a lot of chavs, they're not all nasty people you know, you may actually make friends with people there. Be a bit more open minded! I have loads of friends from school/6th form that I would never have imagined that I'd be friends with, but trust me, people don't always live up to their stereotype, and I think it's really not worth messing up a career in Psychology over the type of students in a 6th form.

    Ilora x
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    Yeh, don't let the chavs get in your career path! If you have your heart set on a career as a psychologist then go for it! It's what, two years of your life? If you hate it that much you can always leave, at the end of the first year or whatever. It's an experience. You can't not go just because of some of the people who go there, you have to learn to deal with stuff, as life is full or obstacles.

    :) xx
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    you want to be a psychologist... you should lean to accept people for what they are rather than "hate them" because of where they come from or because they are "townies." ... how do they make your life hell?
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    To become a psychologist you have to have some sort of qualification in that area. Therefore, swallow your pride, and go to college/sixth form. It's not as bad as it is made out to be. Just ignore them - some of them are nice, a small majority not.
    People who stereotype against chavs, saying they make their life hell...I'm sorry, but you are COMPLETELY overreacting.

    While being a psychologist your going to come across MANY people who make your life "hell" so to speak. What are you going to do then? It's not as if you can avoid them. Really, I wouldn't be so petty.

    You could also just go to another college/sixth form?
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    As a psychologist will you refuse to deal with people you deem chavs/townies? Think about how your choice now may reflect on your future, and learn some tolerance.
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    Hang on there's a difference between dealing with townies on a professional basis and having to live with hordes of them in a social environment at an age where image is a major part of how people treat you. I agree there are some nice townies and agreeable townies, but when surrounded by a lot them who could potentially make your life difficult it can make you feel a little uncomfortable, and if you aren't comfortable with it, then it's going to make learning more difficult for you.

    If I were you I'd have a look at other places and see if you can get in. I'm guessing it's quite late to do so, but it's always worth a try. The idea of an apprenticeship too is a good idea. Sometimes I really wonder how useful my education is, and wish I could have done an apprenticeship in something seemingly more useful. Also, you could ask the sixth form college if you can go and have a look round to get a feel of the place, and see if it really is as bad as you've been told.

    It's a lot to think about, but if you want to make good your future you're going to have to get off your arse and get researching it all to make sure you make a good decision.
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