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evil and pointless? i think so

its confuses those who dont know how to use computers, and those who know how to use computers can get around it quite easily if you know how

and personally, if i didnt have illegal downloads i wouldnt be able to work out what i like, and i cant think of anyone who doenst buy more music as theyve experienced more sorts unlike the crap they play on radio etc

good responses here are:
I use the "Bleep" music store from Warp Records; their selection is smaller than the mainstream music stores, but their music is available in higher-quality formats -- and has no DRM. Warp seem to take the view, shared by many musicians and music fans alike, that people making unauthorised copies will always find a way around DRM: only the honest users are inconvenienced by it. Not only that, but 50% of the profit on each track goes to the musician -- instead of the handful of pennies at most from iTunes Music Store and Napster 2.0 and their competitors. More stores should take this approach, treating their customers _and_ artists fairly, instead of allowing all the money to be siphoned off by distributors and marketing and executive lunches.

The stupid thing about DRM is that it doesn't work - it's just annoying, and anyone with a CD rewriter can circumvent it. Treating your customers as if they were criminal simply encourages criminal behaviour. I don't share any of the files I buy from the iTunes and Coke music stores with anyone, but as a matter of principle I remove the copy protection straight away, so I can use the songs on whatever computer or music player I want.


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    Being able to download music without paying is the best possible thing that can happen to the music industry iMHO.

    It leaves bands with only one viable source of income - playing live. Bands that can play live well will survive, ones that have no talent will die off. No more stock aitken and waterhole stuff.
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    for once i agree :O
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