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presentation with people who hate me

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sorry to rant but: i've got this presentation thing i've got to do tommorrow with a group of people who hate me. i've done like nearly all the work for it because nobody else could be arsed and because they've just dumped it on me; but some of that work i've done hasn't been "good enough" so i've had to keep taking critism and redoing it and redoing it. i got dumped with having to prepare an entire report and all the slides for this presentation on mon. and it had to be done by tuesday - i'm not even sure what the reason was??? and ofcourse, nobody else wanted to do it. i've attended most of the group meeting things when i've been informed of them - but then K. stopped telling me when they were, so they could just sit around and talk about "what they did last night, etc" - which they've done in all group meetings. i've just been put-on none stop and eveytime i suggest or do something, it is not good enough and i have to go away and improve on it... but they don't have to do anything!!!!! (and it is good enough really, i think.) so D. said today that i'd be penalised for not attending every group meeting - because the group have to decide the scores for each other for the case study. (although tbh they should all recieve 0 for doing absolutly nothing!!!) the presentation is tommorrow, and K. e mailed me to say that they've all decided we should go in "wearing suits and make up and really do ourselves up, to try and impress" oh... and i have to "cover my arm"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - (it has scars on it. most of the time though its covered anyway.) i mean, we won't be marked on that at all, and its a problem for me because as pathetic as it sounds i don't have a suit at home in my wardrobe atm and i don't want to spend £100. quid or so on one, when i don't need one anyway! and again as pathetic as it sounds i don't have any make up and i don't even know how to use it. i mean, my mum never wore it becasue she was an alcoholic and she looked like a **** half the time - so i never learned how to use it or anything, and then she divorced my dad. i look pretty good without it though. anyway... i'll be got at (again) if i don't go in wearning this all this shit!!!!!!! i feel really bad. i mean, the presentation i can do, thats not the problem although i expect to be nervous a bit beforehand - i just have a problem with my group. and i'm only in that group becasue i don't have any real friends in that class!!! ...... and another thing while i'm on this subject is they keep calling me (*a particular name* - which i'm not going to say on here) but it kind of hurts...... arrrrghhhhhh ........... sorry to rant on. :(


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    i know how you feel - im in a pretty similar situation with people from uni. some people are just born mean!

    can you borrow a suit from a mate or a flatmate as its just a one off and you wont need it again for awhile?

    if not , just do your best with what you have - a shirt or blouse, black trousers/skirt? dont worry about make-up , you've done the work , its just another way for them to make you uncomfortable it seems to me. give them all a zero and put your reasons why on the marking sheet - its usually only the tutor who sees it anyway???

    i wasn't expecting to come across so many nasty people at uni either , all you can do really is stand up to them (let me know how to do this if you find out) or hold your head high and ignore them - it hurts, but at the end of the day you are better than them.
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    Tell the teacher. It sounds like such a primary school explanation, but seriously, tell your seminar tutor that you've done all the work and wasn't told when the group meetings were. bring it all in on floppy disc if you need to. fact is, if these people already hate you, there;s no real problem in pissing them off even more, is there? That, or burst into tears and tell everyone what they've done. it gets people's attention, and they can't help but feel sorry for you. it's human nature. human nature will also cause them to throw dirty looks at the rest of your group... :D
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    what you wear will not impact on how well you do - end of. how you look has nothing to do with the standard of your work.

    can you not speak to your tutor?
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    r u sure they are not setting you up, trying to make you turn up all dolled up when nobody else is so that you look stupid?

    and you know what you should do? when you all get up to do the presintation, you will obviously have the floppy disk and stuff because they did nothing, you should say out loud "oh you lot dont need to come because you didnt do the work"

    to be honset you are being bullied, just dont put up with it, go and see your tutor about it. and find a nice group of people to work with next time

    my god, i thought people would have been more mature at uni age
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    You know what i'd do? Email your lecturer and say your sick. Let them do the presentation on their own, see how far they get without you!!
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    Speak to your lecturer.
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    well... i've got my white blouse & i'm borowing some "business trousers" (they are a bit big though, but they are okay in leg length, but they don't have any belt hooks or anything... oh well... :blush: ) ... i guess i'll be okay afterall with clothing :)
    and i'm going to be glad when this is over!!!!!!!!!!! - may be they will stop getting at me then too?
    i might e mail my lecturer just to say something about their effort, may be?! - i'm not sure whether that will be worth it or look like i'm just looking for trouble?!
    thanks for that guys... its just they make me feel so like shit!!! :(
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    u shoudl email the lecturer, as when i did a presentation my lecturer said to the whole class if we have any probelms with the other students in our group we should let him know. if u do i think u should do it today rather then leave it to the last minute!
    at the end of the day, ur doing it for ur marks not for the others.best bet is to email the lecturer.
    good luck!!
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    Personally I would contact the tutor, you're at uni, you dont have to put up with the kind of crap that goes with school, and that definately includes this.

    Having said that I have been with groups where they were useless and I ended up doing most of the work. When it came to the questions at the end it was VERY obvious and they got marked down.

    Make sure you say which bits were compiled by whom and what they should know. If there is a question about their segment say 'I think X should have the answer to that'.

    More than anything, you are an adult, dont allow yourself to be pushed around!!!
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    well... done the presentation. the lecturers thought it was really good :D - which i guess gives me a bit of satisfaction. i was the one doing most of the talking (although the others did manage to say a little bit between them :shocking: ) ... i'm just so glad its over though... and straight after we had to fill in feedback forms and group assessment so i said a little bit on that about work had not being divided equally, etc... but, anyway... thanks for the replys guys.
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