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has it all gone insane in clubland

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Thanks for the recipes
Ok i am abroad at the mo, for a long time. It is so annoying as the people i`ve met are definetely don`t munch on pills, so getting loved up has been a bit difficult. Weed is as abundant as dicks at a man u match but everything else has been a bit dry. So how is the england club scene, when i left home had closed down (not that i cared about that pile of s²²²²) is this still the case? What is going to happen to homelands?? It better be on when i come back. Is fabric still happening or has it gone all commercial. And has there been moral outrage over Britney spear`s new video? Even my liberal minded self was rather shocked. my friends are always too stoned to keep me informed by email so i will have to rely on u lot. at least i have the bbc website to keep me up to date with 'enders.
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