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To all the women out there

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I've done pills a few times now and everytime I have sufferd from Cystitus a couple of days afterwards. I read somewhere that this can be a side effect for women. Does anybody else out there have this problem or know of a way I can prevent this from happening other than the obvious!
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    yes, i get the same thing, well got, im trying not to take the evil bastards (staying away from clubs is a good start!!) but it all depends whats in thepills, also it may be if u drink too much orange juice as i tend to do to bring me down and to sort my head out, and this gives u cystitis.
    It can also be because it is so hard to pee on e's that u end up with a bladder infection.
    it could be that ur kidneys just dont like the crap in your system...hmmm
    one worth thinking about there eh?
    As i am..
    'cos i think i've damaged my kidneys big time.. im off to the docs 2moro.. i'll keep u posted.. but best bet is to avoid them.. just think.. no aching jaw, no wondering what ur doing half way thru sommat, no chattering teeth, cold sweat.. waking up next to some dodgy bloke u swore looked like Brad Pitt the night before.. u get the picture.. u know the score!
    (but diflucan the "just one tablet" cure usually sorts me out.. and plenty of water)
    love Kash xx
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