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jo jo

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jo jo is 14 years old,and has been sent to my place of work by some organisation that deals with "problem kids".
i am a car mechanic,and my employer get's paid to take these kids on ,in the hope that they will find an interest in something.
i was told that jo jo had attacked a teacher at school,and was excluded because of this.understandable...yes!....but no other school will take him on.
from talking to him,i gather he has a rather disfunctional family background,and most people have given up on him.
this person is very interested in the trade,and has shown to me that he has the potential to work, and contribute for a living....he needs to be qualified to do this...how the hell is he going to do that,if he doesnt go back to school?
he can't read or write,but he has the intelligence to physically do the job when taut...what will happen to jo jo?
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