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Are drug users lowlife scum???

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
I have recently been reviewing the various comments posted within the drug section of this board.

My concluded opinions are that drug users:

- have very little individuality
- they are weak willed
- they are trend followers rather than trend setters
- their prospects of any measure of self fulfilment is limited
- they are unaspiring
- they are self serving
- they live in a strata that most of society really doesn't care for
- their contribution to crime creates an understandable belief that habitual users are lowlife scum

I welcome comment and debate.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Ok, I'm an individual... the people who aint individuals r people who follow the crowd which is still the tight jeans n shirt style people... go to the same places n do the same thing as all the 'normal' people.

    The first spliff I smoked was on my own... none of my friends smoked... Was the first person I know that piled n smoked crack... I dont like the same stuff as my friends I look different from my friends n all of us do... we're the people who rn't individuals..
    Weak Willed??? u try coming off Heroin n Crack n tell me if I'm weak willed.
    Trend followers, don't think so... we're the people who like the 'unfashionable' non-chart music.
    Prospects n measures of self fulfillment... well I get sex... don't nmedd self fullfilment(not much n e way), lmao.
    Unaspiring??? what??
    Slef Serving?? not unless ur a dealer
    Don't care for us... Society didn't care for Jesus, Martin Luther King e.t.c...
    Yeah true we probably cause mosta the crime but that keeps a million or so policemen in jobs
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Good to hear you welcome comment and debate cuz you're gonna get loads here..
    Where you first went wrong is labelling all drug users. Within that label you're gonna find more differences than similarities.
    Individuality - don't you think that simply by defying what's seen as acceptable by the majority of the population is asserting one's individuality?
    Weak will- you'll find as many weak willed people that have never done anything
    Self-fulfilling/serving - partly, but who isn't? Not that I have to justify myself but for your info I do loads of volunteer work for no other reason than to help out
    Unaspiring - Hmmm, does finishing off one degree and applying to graduate school seem unaspiring. My mates and I love to go get completely fucked on the weekends and we're all doing stuff with our lives at the same time.
    And the crime - loads of people that do drugs are only criminals because of the laws that are made. Its not a trait, but a socially fabricated label.
    Consider this -If weed were all of a sudden legal then there would be millions less criminals in the world. Ponder that...
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Your comments were interesting, well made, shallow in places and reinforced one or two points I made.

    I don't think your view of trend setting, namely, first to smoke this or do that summons up too much respect. Fair point regarding your coming off H & C (all the way??) but to get there in the first place was, in my opinion, weak. Sex is something you can pay for, so how much you get is not really a measure of self fulfillment. My point was that frequent drug users have little chance of achieving far reaching life goals. Your comment about police employment reinforces my belief that users who indulge in crime, and your "we" suggests you are one of them, are the self serving lowlife scum I mentioned. Nothing you said countered that point.

    I feel my points are applicable with respect to habitual and regular drug users, so your first point is fair. I don't see that by "defying" society norms one is expressing individuality. My assertion is that the habits and lifestyles of regular drug users are not individualistic, but the opposite.

    Your comment on "weak willed" makes no point and regarding crime, my point wasn't refering to the criminality of drug taking but criminality caused by habitual drug users. My view is that many habitual users are either incapable or unwilling to fund their own lifestyles and habits. This view supports much of what I assert regarding will, aspiration and self centreism; many do not generate wealth from their own efforts to fund their own habits, so they take other peoples' possessions to fund their habit. Surely this is wrong and indefensible in a civilised society

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hmmm intelligent poster... nice debating style.
    N e way My points shallow in places, fair point but that was too keep it more light hearted... I'm not too serious a person so u gotta forgive me for em..
    Wasnt trying to summon up respect by saying I was the first person I knew to smoke... I was saying I wasnt following n e fashion or n e peer pressure so it was an idividual thing to do.
    Yeah all the way off addiction from them... still smoke them occasionally(very occasionaly). The reason y I did them in the first place mighta been wilk willed but I never said I wasn't gonna do em, I always said I wanted to try them n although I got regrets of doing them too much but I'm still glad in a way I did them...
    The se thing was a bit of a joke... I dunno whether I will achieve what I want in my life but what I dont want in life is to go to school then college then work n then retire, which seems to be the trend...
    I took last year off college, n I'm glad I did that.. loads my friends went off to Uni, this yr n I'm gonna b 2 years behind them, but there is no way I'd go back and change n e thing I did...
    Yeah drug users cause crime... can't help that I did, didn't get caught, but friends did and after that every1 I knew stopped...
    U can say we are self serving lowlife scum... I wouldn't say that, we're just ppl who live a different sorta life... don't go by the all the rules, just cos we don't follow the crowd doesnt mean we're lowlife scum, I'm no different from n e 'normal' people, I'm friends with a lot of ppl who dont know what I've done/do I'm no different to them really, just got a bit more expierience.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    you came off heroin and cocaine daze?
    if so i have to say well done. that certainly is not weak willed and your attitude is admirable.
    angel x

    i'm not denying that women are stupid; God made them to match the men.

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Venezuela you say your comments are for regular and habitual drug users. I'm one of those 'regular and habitual drug users'. I don't steal other people's posseessions. I work hard so I can play hard.
    Also in terms of crime, there are loads of people that steal and commit crime for reasons other than drugs, so you can't associate drugs and crime as being inextricably linked at all.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    OK, my opinions are the same as dazes. We both do em for the same reason.

    Crime? I commit crime, crime can be fun and for that reason is why I do it. I don't do it for money. What we do is steal gates from the farmer who shot at us with a shotgun once, we always lift off the gate and dump is or chain it to another one. I collect number plates to go on my wall and I certanly don't find em by the side of the road. I also get in trouble with people, some wankers think Im actually gay for some reason and they shout at me from across the streets, I can't hit em cos they're younger than me but it didn't stop me trashing their car, took the plates as a trophy.

    It's not mindless vandalism, it's revenge for public humiliation. Its a thrill, anyone fucks me off they lose car parts and end up on my wall display.

    As for addiction, I was addicted to anything i could find, I threw pills, coke, smack and anything to cheer me up down my gullet. I got totally depressed from bad incidents, bad times. Im off now, I used to smoke crack occasionally once a fortnight on low doses so not to get addicted but I dont even do that anymore, I do Ketamine, Weed, DXM, DMT and other peaceful hallucinogens.

    Peace and love man <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Unaspiring? Not always.

    A huge proportion of people who take drugs on a regular basis do so to relieve themselves of the strain of being very ambitious and aspiring.
    Half the city do coke, many people precisely go clubbing to forget the burdening weekday work that is the result of their aspirations.
    Escapism through drugs helps a great deal of people fulfill their aspirations.

    Weak willed? Sort of.

    The people mentioned above have a lot of will power that goes hand in hand with reaching their aspirations. Will power is never universal. You work hard but smoke lots. You go to the gym but never seem to get out of bed on time. Taking drugs doesn't automatically label you weak-willed in a general sense. People prioritise differently, that's all.

    Their prospects for pesonal self-fulfilment are limited:

    Unless the quantities being taken are wreaking irreparable havoc with their mental or physical health, NO. See above.

    Society doesn't care for them:

    It's hard to contest that point without adopting the 'noone cares for anyone anyway' stance.
    Still, that sentence is very untrue. Drugs are so mainstream these days - and you don't have to be dabbling in them to realise it - that drugs are quite a significant part of our society.
    The press is constanly involved in drug debates, so are politicians.
    Taking drugs for a lot of people is 'joining the many' as opposed to isolating yourself. Young people everywhere link up in clubs, at dinners, at all sorts of events to SOCIALISE, not curl up and die.

    These people are part of society, not outcasts. I take it they are not part of yours simply because you choose not to embrace them in your perception of what society is. Similarly, any notion of 'care' in society - which you should clarify - sounds like your personal interpretation only.

    Easy, Palas
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