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pissed on pills

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first of all can i say drinking alcohol and using drugs is very stupid and may leave you in a very unpleasent mess, secondly i made sure i was used to the effects of pills before i mixed with alcohol. Now to my post i went out drinking with a mate on friday and was very pissed when i stumbled upon a dealer i know in a bar, (where as a side issue i meet rio ferdinand in) he gave a few pills free for the hell of it and so the temptation became to much ! normally when i do this i feel sick when coming up and end up a mess from then on in but friday WOW. Not sure if i got the balance right or what but i was in this kind of half happy pissed half pilled up mood ! It was fab we dodged from club to club chatting to folk, dancing and getting up to drunken mischief ! the night was all blurred the next morning which is always a bit funny ! i'm not sure if posting this is a good idea as i don't want to encourage others to try it, but i'm curious if anyone else has hit this mood before ????????


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Mixing drugs and drink is bad !!!!

    I'm not a pill monster or anything but have been known to indulge, usually when I do I have already had a few J D's and coke, I do have to admit that the buzz is hightened by this.

    This is also the same with a spliff, if I have a few beers then a few spliffs the joint affect is nice.

    Little horror story for the kids who are clueless about what can and cant be done.

    last year I was in the pub with my drinking buddy, he is quite an experiance drinker. We decided to match spliffs to pints, after 4 pints and 4 spliffs he went to get the beers while I rolled the next spliff. I smoked half the spliff before wondering where he had got to. I found him in the lav laying in his own piss and vomit, I rung 999 and he was taken to hospital, they could do nothing and left him to sleep it off, I had to wait for him obviously.
    He was used to drinking and smoking but that day he almost lost it all.
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    Another similar story - i have a friend, one night we went out and had a few too many beers, i left early with another friend to go home and drop as we were bored, he arrived a couple of hours later, he hadn't eaten all day, had got through 40 fags that evening, had had alot to drink and when he got in dropped 2 pills and another two in the proceeding 3 hours to catch up. I don't think you need to hear the rest and although i realised what was wrong and didn't call an ambulance he was in quite a state and was sick and very scared for 2 hours before falling asleep, that night really shook him up and i learned a lesson 2 ! drugs are good, but there not better than yourself, be careful <IMG alt="image" SRC="wink.gif" border="0">
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    I very rarely drink anything at all, and never have on pills, but I know people who have and say that it can be a hell of a lot of fun! But its quite obvious that it can be a bit of a nightmare too.
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    I'm almost always a bit pissed when I do E.
    Its fun...but watch out for dehydration...and its a big load on your liver/kidneys etc.
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    theres probaly people with worse ones but here goes.........

    worked a 12hour night shift.........
    got 6 hours kip
    went out to get the mini bus to a club
    had nothing to eat
    drink 6cans of stella & smoked a few pipes on the bus
    went for a piss at the services, got a hit of fresh air that send me GREEN,, threw up pure liquid
    had me head hanging out the window for an hour, getting some proper fresh air. (70MPH down the motorway)
    got to the club, bought 3 MITSI's

    made then last the night, Peek for about an hour,, and started to hallocinate to foork, they had these mad back drops at the club, and they kept on changing shape and moving about, WHICH FELT good actualy, funny as fuck......

    now comes the bad bit! PURE PARINIOA,,, fuckin horrible, didnt even bother picking my jacket up from the club, just thought "fuck it get a new one"

    and sat on the bus on the way home 4 1/2 hours, shouting out random words, halocinating, staring at people hering things,,,,,,

    worst experiance of me life so far........


    29th December,, had a few beers, 4 cans on coach,, had a pill,, and about 4 more pint of beer & 2 more pills through out the night, AND OLY ONE BOTTLE OF WATER ooop's!

    had a grate laugh, i was in one of those moods that lad described,, HAPPY, PILLED, PISSED state...


    something serious will probaly happen to me know,, SODS LAW & ALL THAT

    [ 16-01-2002: Message edited by: tek_ed ]
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    The last time I did pills I thought it'd be a good idea to try a couple of shots on the comedown. It was definitely amazing, it totally took away any sort of paranoia and brought me back to the real world in a nicer way. It also gave me quite a buzz. I also suggest smoking weed on the comedown, but not too much cos it can make u more paranoid.
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