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2 girls 1 confused boy

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i have a chick mate who i go and hang out with somtimes (not that often) and im interested in her friend and her friend says she like me but she's really shy so we havnt done any thing yet, any way its a great day so i ask my mate if she wants to go to the beach, we get on great always laughing and what not.

any way we were at the beach and were mucking round together, then i get smashed by this big wave, so i get out, i go up to our stuff and she walks up she cracks a joke about me getting smashed by the wave we have a larf, she starts flirting with me then next minute she comes up behind me and puts her arms around me and her head on my shoulder and starts a convo, im a bit uncomfortable but i put my hands on her arse (not in a sleazy way) but after a few minutes i say im gonna lay on my towel for a bit she lays down and makes jokes about all the sand in her in her swim top and procceeds to take the top off while im facing her (she was face down) and we chat for a bit, then she gets up and puts her top on and asks me to tie her top up.

we go over to her house and watch some telly then go for a walk and she starts bringing up stuff bout sex in general and then puts her arms around me, i do the same we walk round for a while then i say its late and i gotta go home then i go home and rack my brain out

theese dont feel like friendly gestures i dunno whats going on :/ whether she wants to hook up or go out, i rekon we would go really well together and im starting to like her more than a friend now aswell... but i like her friend alot and i talk to her friend reguarly and were making plans to do somthing with each other soon btw she's really cute... so if we and my friend did any thing it would fuck up my relationship and her relationship up with her friend realbad, but the other thing is my mates anrent to keen on my mate and if i did anything with her i we cop a heap of sh!t off my mates but my mate like her friend

what should i do?

sorry if its hard to read.... my spelling and grammer isnt the best...



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    You do what ever you want to do. If your mates don't like this one girl just ignore anything they say about her, you like her and that's what matters. You need to choose between the two girls, don't be giving them both the come on because one will end up hurt more than the other, just go with what ever one you feel the most attracted to.

    The girl you was talking about seems to like you, give it a crack, sounds like you get on better than the other girl as well.
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    You gotta decide which one you like best!
    Then you gotta decide is it worth risking both friendships.
    And then you gotta be sure that when you got one of them, you wont be wishing for the other one!
    Good luck, be careful, playing with peoples feelings!
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    How old are you all?

    Get on with both ;) well don't go out with em of course. I dno, situations are different I spose. I myself...me and a girl that works at the bowling alley by me in Maidenhead where I used to work really liked each other. We met one night and danced.

    Real bump n grind n kissed alot. She then said she jus wanted to get to know me first n I was a bit peeved. Don't ask me why I'm not really sure. New years eve came. We had a party at my new house :D and I shagged her best mate in the toilet. I then dated the original girl from the Megabowl alot then went out with her. See...you don't HAVE to decide! :)
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    Thats a good plan!
    get with both, see which u like best!
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