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E to become Class B?

I don't no if TheSite or anyone can shed anylight on this but i was watching a news report today and it said that in the wake of Cannabis being downgraded to a Class C there is talk of downgrading E to a Class B?
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    SkiveSkive Posts: 15,287 Skive's The Limit
    E to become class B. In the words of a fair lady "wouldn't tha be lurverly" but I doubt it will happen!

    Recently I have found statistics that show the risk is similar to fishing! If we assume that Ecstasy is taken on 25 million occasions a year (half a million a week), and that there are 5 Ecstasy-related deaths per year, then this compares favourably with 10 deaths related to fishing, which is done on 45 million occasions a year, and 12 deaths resulting from horse riding which is done on 40 million occasions. (Source: Government statistics in OPCS Monitor DH4 92/4).

    theres a very good article that puts the risks of taking ecstasy into perspective here at http://ecstasy.org/info/dangers.html

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