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Trials of cannabis pain relief

JadedJaded back for morePosts: 2,682
I though some of you might be interested in an article in todays' Guardian about the results of cannabis pain relief trials.


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    Interesting, though why it would be such a hassle in the US is beyond me, well apart from them being arses.

    Marinol is legal for script there and thats just THC in another form.

    I heard about an external spray a while back that was getting good press too.
  • JadedJaded back for more Posts: 2,682
    I suppose because it would lead to questions about the harmfulness of cannabis which they are too rigid to allow. It is very difficult to have a sensible debate about drugs when you policy goes along the lines of 'just say no'. That's not to say that cannabis isn't harmful either, because it can be.
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    Oh indeed, the Marinol vs. Cannabis debate is fantastic, just another example of what happens when apes run the justice system.

    Marinol, pure THC is allowed for prescription.

    Where as cannabis, active ingredient being THC has under law no medical use.

    One better is GHB, same as heroin in law but with no medical use.

    The SAME drug licenced for script under a different name is legal!
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    I watched a good show on pot-tv about medical marijuana/marijuana. It was a montel williams show, -shame- but he uses it for medical reasons and was getting quite passionate about the U.S government prescribing 12 citizens medical marijuana yet in contradiction was against it on a whole, yet they still prescribe it to these people.

    These people couldnt walk/function/live without it, yet the government took it away. It was insane what i was seeing, something that these people require to live was being taken away from them for their health but their health without it was to be in a perpetual state of turnip brains.

    The physcians said there needs to be more tests done and what not, another 15 years or so. Makes me vomit.

    I dont know how this had relevance anymore..sorry
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