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vegas and the grand canyon

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ello everyone!
going on holiday to the above places; has anyone been and knows of any half decent motels/b and b's to stay in????

thanks for replies
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    Was in Vegas during the summer and it was really good.

    If you havn't got hotel for vegas then here is some advice

    Most of the hotels in vegas are really cheap from sunday - thursday then get more expensive on Friday and saturday.

    The strip is bigger that i thought and everything is spread apart a lil bit so think about where you stay. Have alook at the map at the bottom. I would stay between the Excalibur and the Venitian. Infact i only went further than those boundaries to go to the stratosphere and that was a 15 min taxi to get there.

    For the cheapest the i'd say...

    Excalibur, a castle themed hotel, you can usually get deals for $40 a night,

    The Flamingo, which has a umm, flamingo theme, but it has a really nice pool area. from around $50 and one of the best locations

    Ballys, does't really have a theme but is connected to the Paris by a walk way and rooms are about $60 and a really good location

    The Aladdin, a kind of arabian nights hotel and has a huge shopping mall thing called the Dessert Passage in side it. rooms from about $90 a night.

    And i'm not sure how old you are but the person whose name the room is booked in and who checks in need to be 21 or over.

    If you need any more info then ask

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    Been to both, and can't remember for buggery where we stayed, sorry.

    But you want to look at Best Western, Motel 6, Super 8 etc on the web. You can probably camp at the Grand Canyon if you're into that.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I've been to Vegas a ton of times...

    We've stayed at some really nice hotels and some cheap ones (to save money for the shopping and alcohol)


    We stayed at the luxor one time and it was pretty cool. It's this huge pyramid and its all about the whole Egyptian theme. The inside is awesome. We went to the King Tut Museum, kinda boring, but if you're into the whole ancient stuff, you'll like it. But theres one thing that you have got to do if you are gonna stay in the Luxor, right by the entrance of the King Tut thing, theres this box thing where you can karaoke. Its totally sound proof and a bunch of people can go in with you. I can't remember how much it was, but pretty cheap and you make a karaoke tape. It's pretty fun and there's tons of songs you can do it to.

    We also stayed in the Bellagio for only about a week because the people were assholes. My girlfriend brought her tiny dog and they were like "we dont allow any animals here." We freaked out at them because we were staying in one of their nicest suites (Bellagio Suite which had its own key to get to from the elevator) and spending over $4000 a night for them to treat us like shit, was not worth it. But one of the pluses was right next to it were the shops. (Gucci, Georgio Armani, Prada, Fendi, the whole thing) And the water show that happens at night is amazing!! It was hard to take pictures because it was quick but the show goes for a while. you can't miss it because the hotel is soooo huge!!

    The night life is crazy there!! I dont know if your under 18 or over 18, but the clubs are wild!!!( the clubs under 21 arent very fun but the 21 and over is really crazy and fun!) the night time and the day time are total opposites. the shopping is really fun (go to Neiman Marcus :heart: ) and the shops by the Bellagio. Most of the people walk around to get from the clubs to their hotel or take a cab.

    But be really careful when your walking on the streets. Me and my friends stick right close to eachother because nasty drunk guys will go past and try to take a grab.

    The one thing that I hated more than anything about Vegas, was all of the Ford yellow Mustangs. You will see them EVERYWHERE!!!

    if you are over 18(dont try to get in if you're not 18 because they'll really strick on that) I'd suggest going to Studio 54 (its in the MGM Grand Hotel) and its awesome! the cover charge is about $10-20 (depending how many celebrities are there :p )

    there's also Caramel (thats in Bellagio Resort) and that's pretty fun too. There isnt a cover charge for it, but you gotta dress nice.

    Another nice club is called Drai's (in the barbary coast casino) , the charge is $20. but you gotta get their early (like before 2, or you wont get a booth) Dont wear any sneakers and youll be fine. there are alot of celebrities there too. People in this club will party hard til 6 or 7am so get ready to dance your ass off :p (or just go to check out the guys)

    the last piece of advice I could give you, is dont spend too much money on alcohol so you dont have any money for the airport and to pay your hotel fees :blush: It's happened waaay too many times to me. :o Good Luck! (oh and I've never been to the Grand Canyon so...can't really help ya there)
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