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A strange end of term

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Hi there,

I've got a bit of a strange story to tell and I'm hoping you'll be able to offer some kind of advice at the end of it...

For several weeks I have felt unwell, last tuesday I signed myself out from school at lunchtime as I was feeling awful. I didn't want to go in on Wednesday but mum insisted and kicked me out the car, when I got there I only felt worse and my tutor remarked on this and asked if I was going to go home. I replied that I would go and speak to another teacher (who has helped me in the past) and then see.

I found this teacher and asked if she was busy and basically explained the situation, she helped me to decide to get a doctors appointment and then decided to sign me off lessons for the day, so long as I found somewhere to do some private study. This chat lasted about an hour in total.

A little later we had arranged to meet up in her office and she asked how I was etc. I was still feeling pretty rough, but I was keen to try and achieve staying all day; in the end I ended up in her office doing filing for her whilst she taught her lessons and sorted out other problems.

I did manage to stay all day, but I'm unsure if I have really embarressed myself now. Some of my friends have since asked me where I was that day and I told them I stayed in school but have left it there. I didn't make it in on the last two days of term and I am awaiting test results for glandular fever. This teacher has helped me out alot in the past, but never in a spurr of the moment babysitting way! I'm in year 12 and as much as she totally did help me and we seemed to get along ok and she didn't seem to mind (I remember apologising for going to find her alot)...it seems a little strange.
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