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Firmer boobs exericese

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i would like to make my boobs firmer, and only know of one exercise i can do in my bedroom which helps, has any one else got any good ideas on how to make them firmer?

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    well if u go to a gym then the peck deck and bench press should help but part from that i have no idea. wots this one exercise u know?
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    you want to look for exercises on "core stability"

    basically this includes all muscle groups in the core of the human body - the axial skeleton region. that's basically from the shoulders to the knees.

    the kind of area you want to firm up is the pectorals...

    bench pressing is good for this, but weights can be risky

    another good one is a kind of butterfly action, taking your arms and moving them in and towards your body with resistance

    it's hard to explain, but if you consult someone at the local gym about working on your pecs then they would advise which machines and exercises would be good to use

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