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I think I'll throw my mind open to you lot and get some opinions on things..

I don't know why but recently for some reason recently I've been thinking about either:

a) getting my eyebrows thinned out at the edges (its not that there thick or anything just feel the need ???)

b) possibly getting my belly pierced

I dunno why, I've also been wearing a bit of makeup when I go out, just like consealant...

hmmmm... it even seems strange to me that I want to do this but.. I dunno... I haven't got this sudden urge to turn into M.Manson or anything.. just not sure what my head is thinking at the moment



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    Sounds like you maybe have some gender issues, not necessarily consciously but inside your mind.... I don't know a whole lot about that kind of stuff but although there is a certain stigma about it it's like being bi, nothing to be ashamed of, just part of the uniqueness of being you.
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    I know what you mean, I've never had any doubts about being a male and I'm quite happy as far as I'm concern.

    I think its to do with the fact that for some reason I've become really health and beauty conscious recently, I've started doing sit-ups again to sort my stomach out (it looked really good when I left the army but its just flat now) and I also shaved my chest yesterday (just got the urge)... I also have this urge to start going to the tanning shop and get brown...

    I'm not sure whats brought it on or anything, its just like this overpowering message that I keep getting to start looking after myself more and get fit again...

    I'm putting it down to either Big Brother or drugs, they are mind altering after all... I just hope I don't get lost and brought up by mirrors... image change maybe... hmmmm!

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    Do you think you've become more health and beauty concious for the good of you, like you think you need to or to attract other people?
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    Possibly, if I be honest I hadn't really been paying much attention to myself since leaving the army and more recently...

    I wasn't doing exercise but watched what I'd eat (sticking to salads and pasta) but I have been doing too many drugs and well, just not really taking a great care...

    And in the last few weeks things like getting a suntan, toning my stomach back up, doing eyebrows, shaving stomach, moisterings face etc. have become really important to me (probably for the better)

    Like instead of spending 30 seconds getting ready every morning then spend 30 mins...
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    Maybe you feel like you've been doing too many drugs so you need to look after yourself more in other ways hence the suntan/toning/moisturising thing. Or that might be just me being totally weird...

    All the things you mentioned that have become important to you don't sound that bad, I mean there are lads like you who spend ages getting ready in the morning and moisturise and stuff...I know one lad whos worse than me!

    I think you'll probably be ok, just as long as you don't go over board and get obsessed with the way you look lol...I mean you already said you don't have an urge to become Marilyn Manson lol.

    I do know what you mean about it being weird that you've just recently become really aware of how you look but maybe its just taken a while from when you left the army being really fit and everything for you to notice that you weren't as fit as you were before?

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