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Travelling/Working way around the world....

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been thinking a lot since graduating last summer and really still dont know what I want to do career wise but know I do want to travel anywhere and everywhere in the world I possibly can. Now after the thinking and continual daydreaming of possible destinations I figure its time to put things into some sort of action.....

After graduating I have been working in a restaurant doing the usual waiting duties etc and figure that maybe although not the most exciting job it could be useful in that wherever you go there would surely be vacancies for this type of work? I mean theres no way I could afford to go around the world on my current budget so is it really possible to just set off with a limited budget and work ones way around europe and beyond if possible? What better motivation to work than knowing you're paying you're way towards a new stop in a new exciting location........

Despite being a dreamer I realise that there is so much involved in this wort of thing so was hoping that anyone who may have done similar has any advice they could pass on? Id have to be honest and say I havent even looked into accomodation options, What restrictions there are on entering certain countries and the rest and am just beginning to get the wheels in motion. But I do know its time to do something I really want to do as opposed to keeping it as something I would like to do someday.....

Any advice, links or anything appreciated.....

Cheers :)
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    Best way is perhaps to work 6 months in the Uk and travel 6 months a year - the pound is worth a lot in many countries!!

    I met some artists from London that travelled around India by doing paintings, etc in hotels and getting free food and accommodation in exchange for their work.
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    I've heard mixed reports about working your way around the world.

    There are few places where a traveler will really make a great living, unless you have a special skill like painting or whatever.

    Obviously there is the issue of work permits to get around, most people if they are going to places like Thailand or where ever dont get them. This means only crappy work for little money.

    I went traveling but I worked before hand, I had enough money so I didnt have to worry about it and I found that to be excellent.
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    There's a publishing company called Vacation Work who publish some excellent guides to travelling and working around the world. Check out their site to order online.

    Our travel section will also help you get organised in terms of visas, saving up etc.

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    Yeah I did the same as bongbudda, worked in england for 6 months then went travelling. However I did do a bit of work here and there, a little hostel work (where you don't get paid but free accomodation and food in some places). The hostel work was in L.A. and I did some fruit picking in Australia, both without work permits. I didn't work in Asia, the pay wouldn't be worth it.

    If you want to work properly, rather than the odd bit of casual labour, then look into these vocation companies as spanner suggested. They can point you in the right direction or arrange placements in various countries. If you fancy something a bit different, you can go and help out family farms in places like Greece and Tuscany, usually only for free accomodation and food, but it sounds like an experience. Usually they'll take between 1 and 3 people though so it may be a bit lonely and remote!

    Seeing as you have graduated, you may be able to do something related to your degree, which would be beneficial in the long run. What degree did you do?
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