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Part-time study

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Hi everyone,

Looking into uni right now and am very reluctant to leave home (partly due to money, partly due to personal reasons) and am seriously looking into studying part-time.

There is a local FE college which has recently started provided some Degree courses, including the one I want to take (English with Education BA) but I'm wondering about comuting by train to a university studying part-time. (Want to do some paid work too- have ideas about being a classroom assistant in a school) which will also help cover costs.

Any experiences/help/adivce would be good. I'm in Cambridgeshire so a fairly easy commute to London.


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    someone I know commutes from home on the isle of wight to portsmouth uni, they seem to be doing ok. (it's not that far, after all)

    only thing is, you'll be missing out on one of the main parts of uni - socialising.

    I don't mean the going out and getting drunk, but just making freinds. I mean, you'll prolly not meet many people outside your course... all my housemates this year are not in my course! :)

    but then again, if you're staying home, (not for reasons of being shy and not wanting to leave home because of that) but because you've got to look after someone or something, then it is very possible to cope with commuting and doing a course :) (full time or not)
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    Well that does sound encouragingly positive; if I opted for the local FE college the advantage would be that others would probably be from nearby, and so this would increase the socialisation thing.

    With regards to that in another sense my intentions are to be working part-time and I'm also actively involved in the church I attend- so in terms of socialisation I will still benefit from some...just perhaps not in the same sense as I might have from a full-time course.
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    I think youre being very sensible if you realise you cant afford to leave home. How about a local university. A hell of a lot of people cant afford to move to a far away university so you wouldnt be the only one. As for studying part time, it would depend on the course, but even a full time course would still leave you a few hours to work if you needed to. Probably all youd need if you were still living at home.
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