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Ok this really dont need to b posted but ppl have requested it.

Ok as some of u may know my best m8 is kinda like my Brother.. Couple of u have spoken to him on phone so they'll tell u how close we r.
Well basically the situation is that like me he dont talk bout real shit that much.

But he's depressed, not majorly but he is I can tell n his g/f can tell to.

He got a very addictive personality, gets in to things too much, n overdoes them when he cant cope with them.

N e way nuff on an introduction to him..

Recently since Christmas maybe even before that thinking about it, he's started to drink pretty heavily. Started off mayb a piss up every week, aint much but when u talk bout piss up, ur talking bout real drinking spirits only tho.
N e way Im a big bloke n have always been able to drink a fair bit, n he always used to go under b4 me.

Basically its gone from a pissup a week.. 2 days.. it dont sound much ther but it was on any day of the week just when he felt like it. Now it's gone from that to 3 days to 4 days.... Now I dont interfere in nothing usually, but his g/f askjed me to have a word with him ahbout it.. talking to her, he's getting pissed when Im not ther, waking up in the morning finishing off the alcohol.. all Vodka, Sambuka, Tequila that sorta stuff, when its finished going n getting more, 5 days a week I'll see him usually n every time I see him we get thru a fair bit of Vodka, occaionally like almost a litre each... But Im starting to avoid going up ther cos I dont wanna get pissed.

When I spoke to him about it his usual reply is 'so? my dad is like it'.. his dad to b honest is a fuckup crackdealer in North London, being honest bout it. but he's got a step dad here.

But n e way.. the boy wont admit he's getting a probhlem./.. I think he is, his g/f n mum have asked me to speak to him, so I did not to harsh yet tho, but he's fucking himself up with it.

But n e way that's y Im a bit sensitive on the alcoholic subject.. Hope this is ok for all the ppl who asked.
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