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Done ages ago, just found it again, thought I'd post as I'm bored.

<jazzCS> hi
<DobieWan> Alright mate?
<jazzCS> i dont even know u
<DobieWan> What?
<jazzCS> im not sure if i want to be ur mate yet i dont know u
<DobieWan> Roger that!
<DobieWan> You PM'd me, what do you want?
<jazzCS> do u know about computers
<DobieWan> Yeah, bit, what's up?
<jazzCS> wen i was playing cs it quit and said something about counter-strike.exe has pefermed and illigal operation
<DobieWan> Jesus!
<jazzCS> wot
<DobieWan> You been hacking? Using OGC or something?
<jazzCS> no ive never used cheats before
<DobieWan> Are you sure? Because if you've just got that error, it means you be hacking
<jazzCS> im not i swear
<DobieWan> Hmmmmm
<DobieWan> ****HACKS DETETED IN C:\Program Files\Half-Life\Counter-Stike\Cstike\OGChook.dll****
<jazzCS> wtf is that
<DobieWan> The CS Feds are on to you man!!! You better get outta here
<jazzCS> i never really used them befor only to see hwt it was like how do i get rid of them ilike cs
<DobieWan> I can protect you
<jazzCS> how quickly
<DobieWan> Be calm young CS Jedi... just do what I say, when I say, understand?
<jazzCS> yes plese help me computer
<DobieWan> Do you know what DOS is?
<jazzCS> no
<DobieWan> Well, looks like your Alapha 678 frontend GHT protocall may need replacing
<jazzCS> fuck u
<jazzCS> wot
<DobieWan> If you want to reach true CS enlightenment and you want to remove the hacks, you must stay calm
<jazzCS> just fucking tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<DobieWan> Right ok, do you have a Windows 98 bootdisk?
<jazzCS> i think yes i do
<DobieWan> Insert the bootdisk and restat your system then press CTRL+ALT+F5 to start in command promt
<DobieWan> after you get the black screen
<jazzCS> right
<DobieWan> You better jot this down
<jazzCS> i am
<DobieWan> Ok. When you get another black screen that says something like C:\ type
<DobieWan> format C: then type Y when it asks you to either type Y/N
<jazzCS> y
<DobieWan> Yes
<jazzCS> ok
<DobieWan> No Y
<jazzCS> wot no y
<DobieWan> No
<jazzCS> wot
<DobieWan> Yes
<jazzCS> i press yes????????
<DobieWan> No, Y
<jazzCS> cause you said to press yes
<DobieWan> No, I said Y
<DobieWan> I said to TYPE the letter Y
<jazzCS> :)
<DobieWan> Any way, you type Y and let it do what it's got to do. After 100% reboot
<jazzCS> wil that fix my hack
<DobieWan> Without a doubt
<jazzCS> ok bye


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