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Ketamine tolerance?



  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Point 1: Yes you can build up a tolerance for ket with continued FREQUENT use. I started on 1/5 gram and within 4 weekends i was consuming a gram for the same effect. When ive been to tidy ive seen guys with wraps containg 15g's (yes newspaper esque wrap)

    point2: Do not take ket with alcohol unless you want to end up in a coma..both are downers and can cause respitoray failure. (that doesnt mean you will die if you've had 1 pint just be cautious tho)

    Point3: I beleive Ket is a trippy drug in the sense that you become dissasiated with your self on a higher dose so your seeing things from a different perspective...on a dose just short of k hole i start hallucinating, probably cause half my mind starts going to sleep and dreaming (its like sleepwalking but without walking)

    Point4: Ket and clubbing arent really the best of mixes...example 2 mates go and sit down have a few bumps...mong out for a bit then have a few more, before you know it the night is over and you didnt realise you have been sitting in the same spot all night. Sometimes if you keep dancing whilst taking small bumps its ok because your dancing it off and you kinda get a nice bouncy feeling in your legs and feel slightly drunk

    Point 5: £20 for a gram is about standard
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    Tidy weekender is an exception to the norm though. and generally an exception to behaving normally or your normal leevls of sensibleness.

    roll on march and prestayn :)

    as stated though, don't ket and downers.

    like one of my mates who was a bit stupid and got pissed, did a lot of ket and necked some ghb :rolleyes:
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Actually I might point out that ketamine isnt a downer, it has next to no effect on the CNS when consumed by itself.

    However it increases the depressant effect of a downer if taken at the same time.

    So the effect is the same.
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