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Lets do it properly this time.

Has anyone here been afected by bulemia or konw of anyone affected.

What causes it?
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    well, is it caused mentally or it a chemical defection? I had a chemical defection a while back, dont think it was drugs either.

    anyone else know anything.
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    I had anorexia and bulimia from about twelve untill about a year ago. Its still lingering but I have control over it now.
    Ive heard about bulimia being a possible problem in the brain and I no that they sometimes prescribe prozac for it, but it was definatly psychological with me. They put it down to a way of getting control in my life and also as a way of making myself unattractive to other people (I have a bad history with men taking advantage so to speak). They also said that the vomiting with me was a way of trying to flush all the shit out of my body, and I used to cut for this reason too.
    I dunno if any of this is any help, but I like to think im quite experienced the the eating disorders area so feel free to ask <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;
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    A mate of mine had bulemia, people were calling her fat at school, which she was far from, when she finally admitted that she had an eating problem she said all she could hear in her head all day was those people calling her fat and she just got obsessed about it, at first she started to make herself sick after eating something, then she started to starve herself, then she started to binge and eat anything she could find and throw it all up or shed just not eat for days afterwards, she used to take laxatives thinking they would get food out of her quicker. It took over her life.
    Eventually she went to a hypnotist after several suicide attempts.
    At this moment now she is a very big girl because her body is storing up all the fat she is getting because of what she did.
    It sounds wierd but i know that is why she has put on so much weight now because i was at the doctors when he told her.
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    about bulemia....
    my friend thinks i have this illness. i dont know what to do cos i dont know much about it. its really weird but i did not know anything was wrong until i spoke to her about it.
    i make myself sick around 3 times a day, and because i've been doing this for about 3 months it just a daily thing to do.
    i dont know why other people do it, but for me i think it is because i've been bullied, being called fat for about 7 years which has led to me being really unhappy about myself, which i guess, is one of the reasons i've cut myself in the past. also i feel like i'm polluting my body if i ever eat anything so i feel really guilty.
    anyway, if anyone has any advice for me i'd be really grateful because i really dont know how to stop this. thanks..!
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    Clara you really must seek help.
    You sound like you have a lack of confidence. If your being bullied sort that out first, either see a teacher or talk to someone you trust. As for the being sick, if you really are desperate to lose weight dieting is about the way but at your age its not worth it anyway because your body will sort itself out.
    Please seek help on this one, you sound like a great person, you shouldnt suffer in silence.
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    For around 2 years of my life i suffered from Bulimia.
    For me it was a reaction to other things in my life, i guess i a cry for help or a need for attention.

    I didn't realise i had a problem until i told a friend who looked at me with horror and concern. She made me get help and i had counselling.
    I was lucky as i had a supportive family, but it is not something that for me is cured, only controlled.

    WHat causes it is different to the individual. It was at a time i was doing my GCSEs and due to circmstances at home i was on my alone a lot, i felt that i couldn't cope with exams and that everyone's expectations on me were to high. So I would comfort eat. This however made me feel dirty and guilty, disgusted at the vulgar person that i saw was me, so i would force myself to be sick.
    EVen after i stopped making myself ill, food became an enemy of mine and it was a battle to get back on track.

    I really urge you Clara to get help, i didn't think i had a problem, it was my friends who helped me. Talk to them, or us, about what you are feeling, when you make yourself sick or hurt yourself.
    Balme is a key, it is not your fault that you were bullied and it is not your fault that you make yourself ill, but you are the one in control of your body and your life is precious.
    You can change the way you feel, it may be a struggle but you can. I never thought i would change, sometimes i don't know if i have, but i wasn't like i was.

    Please seek help, is there a doctor or welfare officer you know? someone older that you trust?
    Don't ever feel you are putting people out or wasting their time, that is way i suffered too long.
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    thanks for all your concern!
    only a couple of my friends know, and there is no one else i can talk to about it. i dont want to see a specialist because my parents will find out and i dont want them to know. i really want to tell one of my best friends, i know she could help me, but shes under so much stress at the moment and on special drugs for it. she doesnt need my problems too. what does anyone think i should do? should i tell her? will my friends think less of me if they know?
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    Your friends won't think any the less of you if they are true friends! If you friend has pressures of her own, maybe she will be grateful that you still value her help, and be in a position to point you in the right direction.
    whatever I really hope you find someone to chat to, maybe even that is all you need. Not everyone needs specialist help, and friends help can be just as special.
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    bulemia. woooooah boy. here we go.
    ok, ive been affected by it since i was eight. when my dad told me i was fat, i ate two packets of sweets, and he dragged me out to the bathroom and stuck me on the scales.
    ever since then, i seem to battle with it. sometimes it calms down, sometimes it gets ridiculously bad.
    not much help, still a bit screwed about mrs whatever her bloody name was.

    somebody get me out of here.
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