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Are your parents splitting up?

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Are your parents splitting up?

A production company Commissioned by Channel 4 (Betty TV) would like to talk to young people, aged 7-18 about how they cope when their parents separate or get divorced.

This is a subject too often told from an adult perspective. We want to hear your point of view. The research is for a tv documentary to be made about how separation affects families.

When your parents split up it is often a very worrying and upsetting time. It might be hard to understand why your mum and dad don’t want to be together anymore. You might feel you left out. Or, you might feel you are being forced into make too many big decisions - like who you’re going to live with.

If you wouldn’t mind talking in confidence about your experiences please email [email protected] or call Saskia on 020 7290 0660.
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