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Antibotics kills the pill??? Please help!!!

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Hello there,
I was recently on a 7 day course of antibotics. I know this affects the pill so carried on taking my pill but was celibate. At the end of the 'biotics I had 1 'biotic free day (took me pill like usual) then had my period. After that I took 3 pills (free days) then had my first shag. Would I be safe? I had taken my pills! I'm just not sure how long after 'biotics you are supposed to wait b4 you are safe again.

Sorry if this is confusing? Please help.



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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    It is a bit confusing, but you should treat it in the same way as if you forget a pill. You should use other contraception for 7 days after you stop taking the antibiotics. AND if the time you are taking the antibiotics or the 7 days afterwards falls in your pill-free week then you should run two packets in together and not have a pill free week.
    Sounds like you are OK though really cos even though you didn't run the two packets together you waited more than a week after finishing the antibiotics to have a shag.

    I wouldn't worry, but if you are, it wouldn't hurt to do a test anyway to put your mind at rest.
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