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Get Rid Of Them...!

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Hey everyone, I was kinda hoping someone could help me. Basically I really want to get rid of spots.....I dont have really bad acne but I do have it and hate it so much. I was on minocycline tablets for ages which helped a bit but not a lot and then tried erithmocin(?) (which Im still on) which is the same really and hasnt improved things much. The doctor was like 'It isnt bad enough for anything stronger' and I dont think he understood how desperate I was to get rid of it so thats all Ive tried and I still have it. The problem is theres so many creams and stuff, I mean whats best?! I was using neutrogena pore wash and that night-time pore clarifying gel thing and oxy on the spot once a day. But then after ages of that and not much help I tried a blue clensing scrub which makes things look better but isnt for frequent use so does anyone have any succesful combinations that work coz they all say they help prevent, cure etc....but you cant use them all!! I know using loads dries up your face and dosnt help much, and I know all the "drink water" etc etc....Ive tried it all and really just want to get rid of them. How old is it before there meant to go anyway?! Any help would be appreciated loads.......


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    Warm water and soap twice a day. And drink lots of water. OxyPads work too for some people.
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    go and look at the thread on this forum called 'Roaccutane' - its a bloody good dug that can help. the problem with all the commercial off the shelf brands is that their active ingredient is only 1-2%, so they cant really do much good. you need to see a consultant dermatologist (skin specialist) as only they have the authority to prescribe Roaccutane. but it does have to be really bad. the bloke took onr look at my back, uterred words to the effect of 'fuck me!' and ran off to get his coulegues, who were equally impressed, and plied me with an enitire shopping bag load (no joke) of Roaccutane <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="smile.gif" border="0">
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    First off too much attention to your face will actually irritate it more causing more break outs... so washing twice morning and night with soap and water and then using whatever your doctor has prescribed is enough.

    I was on acutane to try to remove some scars (because it helps with the removal of scar tissue) but it also nicely cleared up my skin. The only annoying thing about it is that you have to go regularly to the doctor to have blood drawn since it can do serious damage to your body. Also if you get pregnant while taking it your baby will have a cone shaped head. (If you've seen the movie Coneheads that's seriously what the baby will look like). All that said the chances of side effects to you are very rare and you just need to be careful not to get pregnant if you do decide to try accutane.
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