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Hey everyone, Basically I suffer from light acne on my face, mainly cheeks and forehead. Anyway Id tried minocyline, benzoyl peroxide and different face washes but nothing was helping too much. So then I went on to erithmocin and started on Retin-A (Tretinoin) Crean 0.025% which helped for a while (even though Im sure I was using too much of the cream). But then I got all these little pimples on my forehead out of nowhere, they literally wern't there in the morning but were in the evening!, so now Im trying to get rid of them. By the way I use Clean and Clear Oil Free Cream Wash on my face. Basically I was wondering what other peoples experiences with Retin-A are? And for those who have used it a while, did it work and how long did it take to do so? While Im on here just to ask a couple more questions, if you havent fallen asleep already - Does anyone have any good tips to get rid of spots on the back/shoulders? Ive been using neutrogena body wash for a while now but it hasnt helped that much. And also I know this must have come up a few times but are there any good tips for getting rid of red marks. Fortunately I have no "indents" but the red marks are so annoying and get you down when you're almost clear in terms of spots but the marks are still there. I dont know how long they take to go naturally but are there any things available which speed up the process? Thanx


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    I used to get spots on my back and chest and after going on Roaccutane they went away totally, so I could finally wear strappy tops!

    Try using Ketsugo, it's £10 from Boots. It's a spray.
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