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my mates or my boyf?! i don't want to choose!

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this may seem like a stupid paranoid question but then i'm a stupid paranoid person who is looking for a sensible answer...
i have been going out with my boyfriend for a few weeks now, and we get on well and i really like him a lot. some of my girl mates have been brilliant about it and seem to be really happy for me, but most of them are still single and they seem to resent it a lot. i'm not sure if it's out of jealousy or they just really don't like him, but they always seem to be going out of their way to find something wrong about him to nag me about! this girl is always telling me that he flirts with her, but i've seen them together and it certainly doesn't look that way, also my best mate says it's the same, even when i'm not around, and she thinks that maybe the other girl fancies my boyfriend and is deluding herself into thinking he fancies her back, but i don't know. there is also this one girl who has always dissed me in a friendly sort of way (that might not appear to make much sense, but it's true), but now it's got much worse than before and she can't seem to stop dissing my boyfriend as well, calling him names, etc. he hangs out with our crowd but i'm beginning to feel really isolated from them, like i have to choose between them. but i really like all of them a lot, i don't want to have to choose! what should i do?


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    Damn...It sounds like you either have some seriously bitchy friends or a dickhead as a bf.

    You really need to get each of your friends alone and have a good talk with them. Find out exactly whats going on and why they are lying. Tell them exactly how you feel about your bf and how it makes you feel when they start slagging him off. If they really are your friends then they will see what fuckers they are being....Make sure you talk to them seperately though..Much better speaking to them personally.

    Of course it may be that your bf is as bad as they say. Just keep an eye on him and try and figure it out.
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    Are u spending alot of time with ur boyfriend and ignoring ur girlie mates or something. I know that can really piss some people off when suddenly a close mate doesnt spend as much time with them any more.

    perhaps as u dont see them very often, they feel left out and that is never a nice feeling.
    Is there anyway u can set aside a set time to see ur girlie mates and do stuff with them to make them feel like ur friend still?

    i dont know if this will help but good luck. Whatever u do dont piss off ur boyfriend and girl friends. u'll need at least one of the two in the future.
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