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Friend problem????

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Hiya me again,
anyway, one of my friends phoned me up the other night and told me she was pregnant, wish i suppose is good, BUT when she told me who the father is....that changed it, it is one of my best friends boyfriend! She said it happened b4 they got together, this guy still hasnt told my friend tho, what hes done! She always comes in and tells us how much she thinks he is the 1 and stuff like that, it is su h a shame that she doesnt know, i want to tell her i do, but i cant coz i made a promise! But she is planning to keep the baby! And when this guy does tell her she is gonna come 2 me, and what am i suppose to do, say Its ok, i know!!
Love Miss_K


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    First I would like to say that it's not just a problem for the three of them, because now they're even bringing in a life into this matter.

    I personally am against abortion (just to state it here). May I ask why your friend wants to have this baby? Some people have babies because they want to, and they like babies. Some might have babies to immegrate to another country. Some might have babies in the hope of holding/keeping a lover. To me, the reason why your friend wants to keep the baby is unclear at this moment.

    Second, this guy (the father) and this girl (his current girlfriend) hasn't been together long, have they? If it was a long term relationship, then things can get pretty bad. But since this relationship is new, it would be easier to stop everything that's going on right now, all three of them sit down and talk about it rationally.

    Third, this guy and the girl with the baby. How old are they (both physical and mantle age)? Do you think, they have the time, money, care and love to give to this baby?

    It's all very complicated, I must say. And life must be hard for them right now on making decisions... I hope that everything turns out right for your friends and the child (a bit virtual at the moment).


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    great advice! i dont feel i can add much more! goodluck miss K
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