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to be or not to be......?

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oh dear i give up......i first met this lass 3 years ago or so, she seemed quite nice and we fooled about a bit, nothing really......anyways, i went off to uni, she went off to america, thats the end of that surely?.......alas 3 years down the line our paths cross again, this time we're both looking for something a bit more serious, seeing each other again but she's off to watford in 2 weeks and im going back to uni.........

we havent really been together long so is it worth pursuing a long-distance relationship? i cant expect any commitment really, or promise it for that matter, so where does that leave us? im pretty sure she really likes me (her friend has said as much), but i cant drive so its bare long........might be in greenwich so wont be that far but still..........im not one of these ppl who can date more than one girl at the time, so do i let her go or hold out, or what.....im no expert at relationships mind, not had that many.......


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    I think you should just tell her how you feel about it.
    You could of course just give it a shot but there will be a chance of hurting her if the long-range thing fails.
    So ask her what she thinks about it and then see what suits (both of) you best.
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    It's one of those things where you have to weigh up the pros and cons. You may end up getting hurt if you give it a go, but if you don't even try you'll have the feeling that you maybe missed out.

    Only you know how strongly you feel, if it's just passing fancy or if it could develop into something serious and solid. The distance isn't colossal so it's definitely do-able, it just depends if you think you can deal with all the negative aspects of long-distance relationships - insecurity, lonliness etc.

    Think long and hard, I'm sure you already know deep down what you want to do...what the right thing is, and you just want someone to validate that feeling. We can't, because we don't know all the facts and they aren't our emotions, all anyone else can do is give you generic advice.

    Don't stress about it, things have a habit of working out..eventually :) Good luck.
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