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My boyfriend is going to go to a different highschool than me once we get to that point.
Should I break up with him? He is the only onr that I will ever want. I dont think I will be able to do that long term thing. PLEASE reply!!!!
-sad in seventh grade
p.s.we've already been together for a year.



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    A year is a long time - u must really mean alot to each other!
    [Is ur High school nr his? just out of interest]
    If u trust each other, then things should work out,
    but u could also consider having a totally new start....
    Trust is important tho.
    Have u talked to him about it? - what does he want? When u've answered the above u'll know what u should do.

    Good luck hon,

    Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind-
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    Hi Sparkle,
    Firstly CALM DOWN! How do you think people working away, in the forces, or just diff. uni's go on?
    Sit down together and work out a plan of available visiting weekends etc. The wait in between will make seeing each other much more exciting.
    Phone each other regularly, but not every night, so that you have something to talk about. Use E-mails to send letters and loving cards etc.
    Even tho you have been together a long while it is amazing how you may discover that the break could make you see that there are other things you should be doing in your life too.
    You may be destined to be with several other partners before you settle down even tho you feel he is the one, we have all been madly in love for life only to have it fizzle out unexpectedly.
    Live your life well and believe me marriage, or any commitment, is bloody hard work that you may regret jumping into too soon! I've just had my silver wedding Ann. but I look back and sometimes wish I had lived a lot more before I married.
    You will work something out and the experience will add to your maturity and coping abilities which will be for the better.
    Good Luckxx

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    Oh problem!!!I was going out with a guy for about two months during the summer and then I found out that he was transfering to another school. When school started things started to fall apart and we didn't have time for one another any more. If you really love the guy and you trust him to stay commited to you STAY WITH HIM. your only in seventh grade believe me there is a longer harder road ahead!!
    It is better to of loved then lost then to of never of loved at all. Just remember that. If you love him STAY WITH HIM.
    It will be hard to keep things the same! I feel that you two could make it with some hard work. Keep your head on straight and remember that there are other people. Yea never know he maybe the one for you. <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/eek.gif"&gt;
    Good luck and best of wishes

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