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Her new b/f is a scumbag

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I recently split up with my girlfreind of a few months, but we were really serious about the whole thing.

Anyway her new b/f is a complete and utter scumbag. Yes I know I would say that and I know it might sound like im just being bitter, but this guy is a complete wanker basically.

He uses girls for sex, then dumps them, and I know this because he did it to my mates ex. What makes him a complete scumbag is the fact that he said to me, WHILST I WAS STILL WITH HER, that he would kick my head in if I didnt finish it with her. I was thinking of reporting him to the police, but I didnt because I really didnt need the aggro.

Anyway I really, really want the best for my ex, she is a smashing lass, and its kinda worrying that she's involved with this scumbag. I dont want back with her, those feelings are disappearing, i just want the best from her as a freind. I'm really worried, this guy will hurt her, i know he will.


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    So - did she leave you for him?
    It's up to her to make her mistakes and if this is one then she'll need you to be there to support her when it all goes wrong, without saying I told you so.
    You sound like a nice guy - someone else will be glad to have you.
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    I can 100% relate to this. My best friend who is almost double my age, so u would think she would be more carefull with blokes, has had numerous wanker boyfriends. Her current boyfriend is a top criminal nut case that does probably the worst thing to earn money that u can think of. He fucks with her head and emotionally destroys her, unfortunatly thats been the stroy for all her of boyfriends in life.

    Id do anything to see her happy and have her be with a man that treats her how she deserves but unfortunatly theres nothing I can do. Ive tried for a long long time, and she knows she deserves better but still she ends up with the same men.

    I know why it is and Ive done a lot of thinking about it all. Her father treated her disgustingly as a child by mentally abusing her (which they say is the worst form of abuse as it stays with u the longest). As a result she feels shit about herself and is so used to men treating her that way that it feels normal to her.

    When a bloke treats her well she cant get her head round it and thinks they r looking for something from her. Thats because people like what they no and also unfortunatly people who have been made to feel shit about themselves tend to get in the vicious cycle of finding men who will make them feel the same. Thats what they r used to u see.

    I am also a culprit for this after having abuse as a child and am only now realising that the reason I always end up with wankers is because in a way Ive gone into the relationship knowingly in order to punish myself I stay with the basterds that shit all over me. Im trying hard to sort my life out now and hopefully at the end of this struggle Ill come out a cinfident person and therefore end up with a man who will treat me well...who knows though.

    Thje best thing u can do for your friend is be there for her and help her. She is the only one who can get herself out of these kinds of relationships and the only thing u can do really is help her through it and show her she is worth more. I hope this has been of some help, goodluck :O)

    p.s u r a good friend by the sounds of it!
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