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work advice?

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Thing at my work have not been doing too great. Ive been making silly misdtakes and need to be more organised. Today we as a company had a formal complaint made against us and it was my fault and the customer was in their rights (basicially I mislaid a peice of paper with their national insurance number on)
My boss called me into her office and said that I need to be more organised and show that I can do my job because she knows I can do my job and I know I can do my job.

Also I said something about another member of the team which had it not been corrected then that person could have got in trouble. My senior was upset about and said that trying to get other people into trouble to save my own back is not nice. My manager understands that I'm not a back stabber and I just got in a tizzy. But I feel bad about that too

Any ideas on how i can get myself out of this rut?


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    You sound like you know what the problems are and that you are perfectly capable of doing a better job so I'm wondering what has demotivated you? Do you want to leave your job? Do you feel underappreciated? Do you not have enough work to challenge you? or is there something going on in your homelife that is distracting you? Once you have got to the bottom of what is making you do such sloppy work you can try and improve your lot.

    Our make a change section has some advice

    as do:

    Impress your boss

    work-related stress

    You can also try searching the web for advice on motivation and assertiveness.

    Take care,

    Susie :)
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