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Summer Jobs???

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Hey! I finish my GCSE exams on Wednesday (Yay! Finally) and i know that im not legally allowed to start a full-time job until after June 25th, which is fair enough. My dads company are asking for an office skivvy basically, somebody who will answer the phone and do a bit of paper work and filing etc etc and im intrested in doing this job over the summer because i havent got anything better to do other than sit at home until i go back to 6th form in September. I already have a part-time job as a waitress so would i still be allowed to work at my dads company and get paid as well as work at my part-time job and get paid?!

Probably a stupid question but any help is grateful!




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    Yup. Nothing to stop you getting two jobs. If you earn over your tax allowance, be prepared to pay tax (usually if you earn over £4000/yr, remember the year is April-April). Also, if you earn over ~£300 a month, you'll end up paying National Insurance (which isn't much and there's no way out of it).
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