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hello! *waves* -- be gentle :)

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hi there. i've been lurking around a bit and decided to join today. i just wanted to say hello to everyone!

anyway, i really should be working right now, but there's not much going on today, so i'm going to play instead.

i do web design for an evil corporate empire that goes by the name wachovia... egh.. but the good news is, i might be out of here soon! i'm not really a big fan of the environment, but i had to get some money and fast.. :/ stupid student loans.. i really enjoy writing music, driving, good movies and the like.

i love playing piano and guitar.. i'll throw a few covers up here, just for fun :) you're welcome to listen!!
fake plastic trees, radiohead
green eyes, coldplay (my version says "brown" eyes, tho)
the tourist, radiohead
summer nights in oblivion (one of my own that i'm working on)

a full bunch of songs i've done are at my homepage (www.pecknology.com).

well, anyway, that's all. hello everyone..



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