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Doing what's "normal" and fashionable?

I've been talking to a couple of mates who come on here, and we've agreed that it's quite curious how a lot of posters on here only ever seem to want to do what is "expected" of them.

Girls are "supposed" to like giving head to blokes, so a lot of girls on here seem to post about how much they love sucking cock. Bisexuality in girls is quite fashionable now, and it's amazing how many girls who say they "experiment" there actually is. Same with light bondage, or with role-play, or trying weird and wonderful positions. Anal sex is not seen as something as girl should like, so it's amazing how many girls who say that they are really liberal and relaxed about sex go "eew" at the very thought of anal sex.

It's the same with guys- they're supposed to love giving head, they're supposed to value tightness, they're supposed to want to try anal, so they all say that they do. The fashionable body for a girl at the minute is petite and delicate, and that seems to be what every blokes says they want.

I just find it curious how social attitudes seem to be shaping what people will do sexually, and who they will do it with. Personally I think everyone should try what they want to try, and when they want to try it, and hang what others think, but I od think that people should relax more and try as many things as they can. Because it's fun :yes:
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    Ill agree with you there,

    So many people on here say they love that or hate this-
    A lot of them are just full of shite- and can normally be sussed out. Women dont like sucking cock as much as some of these claim- or even trying anal. Sex is turning as much into a fashion thing now as a hobby for want of a better word. its also a lot more openly discussed than before- so even in front of mates we all add in extra bits here and there!

    Bi-sexuality seems to be very fashionable at the minute and im not sure if were wqining or losing there?
    Anyway my motto is try everyrthing once- and if you dont like it fair enough (with very few limitations).
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    I know this is the sex forum but i think this rule applys to nearly everything..

    e.g like when u were at skool and someone didnt have named clothes (adidas/reebok/nike etc) they got bullied for being a tramp so everyone had to buy these clothes that they themselves may not have liked.... its a very stereotypical world out there, and things havent really changed in that sense but i agree on the sexual front.

    Ah people piss me off lol
    i like to be me... and only me to please x
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    Ok well heres my bit. I am small and petite and have been almost all my life. I did go though a phase of being Bi sexual but gave up as it was to hard to find a girl who was as sexual as I was/am. I do actually love sucking cock. I do like bondage and i like to dress up.
    I dnt wear brand names as i cant afford them and think they are a waste of money anyway when i can look just as good if not better in the cheao and cheerful range.
    I have always known ever since i was a young one that i was going to be this sexed and experimental(sp)
    I have tried anal sex and just not liked it. I dnt care what others think of me when it comes to sex or anything else. I do what i want when i want, and that suits me just fine:D :naughty:
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    Are you complaining?! Whether it's fashionable or not!

    A girl that loves giving blow jobs, open minded to have a threesome, and experiment with many other things that the guy would be up for.
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    • i used to think giving head was disgusting...tried it and liked it
    • im open minded and always have been from an early age about lesbians and gay people...even though in my culture its not accepted.
    • im a virgin as im waiting for the "right" person as well as religious reasons
    • i will not try anal for moral and religious reasons

    i think many people have sex and do things as a result of peer pressure which i dont see as right but hey its how the world goes round...im happy how i am

    edited cos i wanted to add things
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    I think that it could be fashionable to try things. But if they like it or not is down to the person.
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    i say it is fashinable to try thing, but then again, im willing to try a lot of things :naughty:
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    I don't think you're looking at it from the right perspective.
    I think it's a case of certain things being more acceptable, and people finally realising that they can talk about anything, and try anything. If there is anything that's "expected" of people, it is to at least give things a try before slating them. So, if the idea of anal sex isn't abhorent, then try it. If the idea of kissing, masturbating, or having sex with a member of the same sex doesn't turn your stomach, then try it.
    Thinking back, it's only comparitivley recently that anal sex has become an aceptable thing. Shaving/trimming pubes for girls was hardly heard of until a decade ago, and was never heard of for blokes. Bisexuality is another thing that has only recently become accepted as another form of sexuality that exists, and is acceptable - so those wanting to try, or those that enjoy, doing something (even just snogging) with the same sex, is again accepted now.
    It doesn't shock anybody as much to talk about these subjects. Or to try them. People are being more accepting. Realising that there's more of a greyness to sex and sexuality. It's not seen as much as a black and white thing anymore.
    The attititude is - give it a go.
    I suppose there is a bit of pressure, peer pressure, etc, to give things a go. But nobody will do something unless they really want to. You can't force them.
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    I don't do what I do because it's fashionable - I do it because it makes sex better than just missionary and a bit of a fumble before hand.

    I am sexually liberated but I really don't like the idea of having something up my arse because it just sounds unhygenic. You can argue and say sex becomes hygenic due to bodily fluids and such - but those are down to enjoyment between two people.

    Mixing them with waste from my body just does NOT appeal to me one bit. I've even tried a finger up there and it's just..I dunno it feels out of place to have something up there since I'm so used to letting everything OUT of there.
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    Re: Doing what's "normal" and fashionable?

    some girls do like sucking cock! its the same as how some guys like going down on a girl! i'm sure giving head is hoped for in a relationship from a males point of view and all the better if a girl think its a fun way to please her man.

    bisexuality. i'm sure a lot of girls experiment with other girls. i did because i was curious although never considered myself to be bisexual or told anyone about it at the time. i agree that thats slightly fashionable though when you're 15/16.

    i think its good im sexually open minded. and yes social attitudes do shape that because people are more open about it. you learn more because information is avaliable to you in magazines and tv. its not shameful to talk about experiences with your friends or suggest new things to your partner. and thank god because wouldnt sticking to missionary be boring!
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